A Brief Guide about UV Coated Boards

It is said that ‘all that glitters is not gold’, but you ought to admit that glossy stuffdoes draw our attention, and sometimes for good.As with the case of the UV coated panels,which with their glamorous finish are getting much more recognition than the conventional panel boards;but, this is not only for its uber-look but also because of the added advantages it brings along.

The first thing that strikes the mind while constructing or re-building an interioris its cost; both construction and maintenance. While many might opine that these UV coated boards belong to the expensive side of the popular panels available in the market, it is also needed to be considered that it brings minimal installation and maintenance cost, and also accompanies maximum longevity. The high-quality UV boards are ready to install and do not need any additional polishing, and its UV lacquer ensures that it is scratch proof, resistant to moisture and thus prevent breeding of fungi, and also can tolerate heat yet retain its gloss for quite a long period. Thus, if taken a close look, these UV coated boards can becomea lifetimeinvestment for decorating your interiors.

But, donot limit the qualities of these boards only to their endurance, these versatile panels also have the capacity to give your entire home a head-turning makeover. Right from kitchen shutters to wall panelingembellishments, from the display unit to office storage and various furniture, it can be used in all and thus give your entire décor a polished finish.

Consequently, a man of taste and it will always choose UV coated boards over any other laminated boards; and his intelligence will always lead him to Action Tesa, which will provide him with nothing but the best quality of UV boards. Action Tesa uses quality MDF boards on which a nine-layer of Ultra Violet coating is applied using special pressing technology that gives it a high gloss effect. And since the entire process of lacquering is done in closed chambers, the finished product is free from any harmful emissions.

Therefore, for a solid wood like strength along with a mirror-like finish visit Action Tesa and make your choice of UV coated boards among several other color options.


Find the Best MDF Board Manufacturer in Delhi

In present times the MDF or Medium Density Fiber boards are rapidly replacing the use of ply woods and even solid hardwoods because it is cheap, readily available and can be used in several ways. It is no longer looked down upon for being an engineered wood product instead people are always looking forward to finding innovative ways to utilize it.

Some of the conventional ways of using MDFs is installation of Kitchen cabinets, designer doors, shoe heels, partitions, false ceilings, laminated flooring, and furniture. Not only this, its high-rise popularity is also because it is also very easy to be worked with, it is sturdy but at the same time can be carved out to give your furnishings desired designs.

So, if you are looking for the best MDF manufacturer in Delhi, the only place that you would be directed to is the showroom of Action Tesa. You might think that this statement is a little exaggerating, then here are three reasons that can convince you to believe that Action Tesa is indeed the top manufacturer of MDF boards in Delhi:

  1. Seller of quality MDF boards: a quality MDF board has some distinct features like its density must be uniform for which it will be devoid of any knots and can be cut from either side. It must be lacking in air pockets and must have a smooth surface so that it can be easily painted or lacquered; and the MDF boards sold by Action Tesa can easily stand up to all these quality tests.
  2. Availability of laminated MDFs: if you are hesitant of using MDF boards in your bathrooms or any other moisture prone areas then check the pre-laminated range of MDF boards of Action Tesa, which is given a variety of shades using the décor papers imported all the way from Europe.
  3. Fully automated plant for manufacturing MDF boards: Action Tesa has become the first one in India to install fully automated MDF manufacturing Plant that uses high technologies to debark the woods before chipping, store them and condition them, so that you can get the best quality of MDF boards.

All You Need to Know About High Gloss HDHMR Boards

Action Tesa has made quite a name for itself as a quality hardware seller. Providing its customers with innovative and functional décor has become its passion, the latest addition in their range of products being the HDHMR boards.

HDHMR boards or the High Density High Moisture Resistance Boards are made up of hardwoods and is passed through the special German technology for MAT formation pressed by eight-cylinder, eight-day light press which give it an even density and a strong core.These boards have already become popular because of its strength and versatile uses. Some of the best ways of utilizing these boards are:

  1. As kitchen shutters: these boards are highly being used as raw materials for modifying modular kitchens. Its high gloss finish heightens the look of the kitchen and its water retention property makes it easier to clean the cabinets of oil stains.
  2. As furniture and partition: It is because of the sturdiness of HDHMR boards that it is rapidly replacing the use of particle boards and ply woods. It is remarkable as a raw material for building office furniture, cubicles and partition boards. The water retention property of the boards, which is granted to it due to the use of a special glue, has made it quite demanding for use in the humid areas of India.
  3. Other uses: The ability of the boards to resist routing and water make it applicable as packing materials, shoe heels, and other outdoor fixtures.

Other than its adaptability, the use of HDHMR boards is highly advocated because it is cost effective, and its uniform structure makes it easy to be installed and given desired designs Its already smooth end surface is also preferred because it absorbs less paint during its application. Moreover, the boards are made from wood chips that were collected from agricultural waste or forest wood waste making it environment-friendly as well. Lastly, the manufacture process of HDHMR are boards is such that it is free from the attack of termites.

Action Tesa has indeed roused a revolution by producing such high quality HDHMR boards for the first time in India. It is now available in several shades and thickness like 8m,12m, 16m, and 18m.

A Perfect Solution for Your Home Furniture

Action Tesa has become the first and last stop of every home solution. Be it the furniture or the furnishings none can beat the style, durability, and performance of the products provided by it. Also, the endless options of materials to choose from give one the freedom to experiment with the look of every part of their housing.

Let us now browse through their products and find out how they can be appliedto your homes:

  1. For the cabinets in the living and dining area: Cabinets are not only meant to add extra storage space but if designed wisely it can take your home décor to another level. There are several materials to choose from for building cabinets. For a graceful and evergreen vibe, you can go for hardwood But if you are a little low on budget or live in a rented apartment, thenMDF boards can work as an appropriate alternative as they would give you the same aesthetic feeling as hardwoods. Another advantage that comes with MDFboardsis that they can be given the desired cuts and made smooth to be painted easily.
  2. The kitchen décor: The interiors of the kitchen need something more than room for pantry and cutlery, as they must continuously survive against those stubborn stains of spices and oils. And the best way to handle them is to use high gloss Acrylic boards or UV coated boards for the cabinets, storerooms, or even as counter tops. Action Tesa is considered a star seller of both the qualities of boards as they come with several advantages:
    a) Firstly, they can be cleaned easily by a good wipe with a damp cloth.
    b) Their color and quality remain unaffected even when kitchen cleaners are used.
    c) These materials have the reflective property of glass which makes the kitchen appear much more bright and spacious.
  3. Other furniture: You can rely on the materials provided by Action Tesa to make several types of furniture that would not serve as an ornament to your lovely house but also would be equally purposeful. For example, the particle boards can be used to make cupboards, office cubicles, and storage units. The acrylic boards can also perform the same but would give the furniture a high gloss The HDHMR can be used in furnishing items which are more prone to be exposed to moisture.

Thus, you can see that nothing can serve your home the best but Action Tesa. So, which part of the house are you planning to renovate next?

Affordable Way to Make Your Kitchen Beautiful

You must have heard before that renovating your kitchen might hit hard in your pocket. But what about the deep desire to give your kitchen a more up-to-date look? Well, now you can relieve yourself from the dilemma because Action Tesa has some tricks up its sleeve that would revamp the look of your kitchen without burning a hole in your wallet.

  1. Add greens: One of the best and cheapest ways to give your kitchen a fresh and soothing look is to use indoor plants as a décor. You can hang small plants like cactus, jade plant, money plant, etc. or even make a potted herbal garden of your own by growing cilantro, parsley or basil; planting such herbs would not only ensure your access to fresh produce every day but also give your kitchen a fresh and soothing look.
  2. Cheap replacements for cabinets: Another low-cost method to give your kitchen a new look is to remodel the kitchen cabinets and shelves. Though classic wood materials look great, they might not be a cheap alternative. For this reason, it is better to rely on MDF boards which are durable but soft enough to be given any form. Action Tesa’s UV coated panels are usually the first choice of customers for kitchen cabinets or such other shelving purpose. Its high gloss look comes with the promise of longevity and low-maintenance for which it is gaining high popularity in the market.
  3. A bright counter-top: Laminated or acrylic board counter tops can effectively change the look of your kitchen. It will make your kitchen appear brighter and more spacious, and also make it scratch and water resistant.
  4. Use of acrylic backsplash: If renovating the kitchen walls seem beyond your financial reach then a cheap alternative way is to use acrylic sheets as a back splash which will enable you to keep your kitchen more clean, hygienic and long lasting.
  5. Trendy accessories: From a great dish rack to small organizers, from wired shelves to good looking faucets; such little changes can go a long way to give your kitchen a contemporary and stylish look.

Thus, here are some affordable ways to make your kitchen look more beautiful and appealing. For more such innovative ideas to decorate your house visit Action Tesa toady.

Action TESA’s UV Coated Panels are Ideal for Application in Cupboard and Kitchen Shutters

Kitchens are no longer made just to be functional. Be it the utensils, the crockeries or the furnishings, people treat them all as decorative pieces and love to flaunt them. So, to give your kitchen cupboards and shutters a stylish and elevated guise, try from Action TESA’s trendy range of UV coated panels embedded with features that give them an edge over other furnishing materials; like:

  1. High glistening look: If you are looking forward to giving your kitchen a high defined glossy look, then your search must end with the UV coated panels. These ultra-glossy boards are highly smooth and are available in a wide range of colors.And, it is because of their sleek surface that the house appear much more vivid and enthralling.
  2. Durable product: The furnishings and utensils in the kitchen are the ones, which are most prone to stains(of oil and spices), scratches and scorching heat. Thus, a durable product from a trusting brand is very much needed to equip the kitchen in the best way possible. So, what better way to do so than opting for Action Tesa’s UV coated boards? These UV coated boards are resistant to scrapes, blotches and are also tolerant to change in temperature.They are also capable of retaining their shine for a prolonged period of time.
  3. Maintenance: Another noteworthy characteristic of these boards is that they can be easily maintained. A wipe with a glass, spectacle, or screen cleaner is enough to revamp its beauty. The 9 layer of UV coating prevents the board from losing its color, shine and even reacting to the solvents applied to it for cleaning purpose.
  4. The illusion of space: As mentioned earlier, application of UV coated panels for furnishing your kitchen gives it a mirror-like glossy finish; and its reflective property would make your kitchen look so much spacious and appealing.
  5. Not a health hazardous product: Action TESA uses MDF boards, on which a layer of lacquer is applied using UV rays, and the entire process is done in closed chambers. It is also important to note that these UV coated products no longer emit Volatile organic compounds in the air, making it efficient for application in home furnishings.

Advantages of UV Coated Boards

UV coated materials are nowadays riding high on popularity. Be it on business cards, glasses, beverage cans, woods or even fiber furniture. And since Action TESA is always searching for some innovative ways to bring the best in the artistic equipment for your home, they proudly introduce a range of UV coated MDF boards.

Now you might be wondering what UV coated boards are and why is Action TESA highlyrecommendingthem?

Well, to put it in the simplest words, UV coated boards are materials which are prepared by curing Acrylic or other polymer fibers using Ultra Violet rays. Now, why are they popular? Because of the following reasons:

  1. Versatile in nature: These UV coated MDF boards gives you enormous options for the application. It can be used for sliding doors, cupboards, shutters for kitchen and bathroom cabinets, as a television displayed wall unit, as astorage cabinet, or for other furnishing purposes. And most importantly, they are very easy to work with.
  2. A glossy finish: Action TESA’s UV coated boards consists of pre-laminated MDF boards on which a 9 layer of UV lacquer is applied, thus giving it a lustrous appearance. Such glossy finish not only makes the colors of the products much more vibrant but also enables the house décor to appear much more gorgeous.
  3. Scratch resistant: The UV coated panels are made for heavy duty and thus are highly resistant to scratches or abrupt wear and tear. They are also characterized by low haze and weather change durability.
  4. Durable and minimal maintenance: As the lacquer is applied automatedly, it gives the productdurability and a smooth surface which is easy to clean. A damp cloth is mostly enough to maintain your pricey looking polished furniture. Even the use of solvents for cleaning purposes would hardly affect the shine of the surface. Was it mentioned that the finished product is stain resistant too?
  5. Environment-conscious: Action TESA is very conscious about mother nature, and it is only after detailed research that they have introduced UV coated products. Breaking the stereotyped image UV coated products have successfully gained the government certification of not being a hazardous substance, also the use of UV lights minimizes the need for heat during And lastly,they do not release Volatile Organic compounds in the air, making them ideal for home application.

Finding the Right MDF Board

Making a well-decorated home in a fancy city like Delhi usually calls for lofty expenditure. But what if the cost of the floorings and panels are within your budget? It might surprise you, but you can give your dream house a cozy and aesthetic feeling just like wooden furnishings without burning a hole in your pocket, courtesy of MDF boards.

MDF Boards

MDF boards or Medium Density Fiber Boards are engineered products made from the leftover particles of both hard and soft wood, thus making them much cheaper than the original hardwoods. Because MDF boards are very much versatile and give the feel, look and finish of original wood in a pocket-friendly budget, they have gained immense popularity in recent years. But identifying a decent quality of MDF boards can be a little tricky. Therefore, it is always better to seek help from professionals like those of Action Tesa.

Action Tesa is one of the leading suppliers of the fiber and laminated boards, and wooden materials in Delhi, and they have been supplying quality MDF boards since their commencement. In fact, they have decorated and remodeled many homes into a masterpiece using high standard MDF boards and are considered the best in the field.

Therefore, today from the house of the excellent manufacturer themselves, we bring you a complete guide about how to find the right kind of MDF board according to your requirement:

  1. To identify an MDF board by looks, you must watch closely if the boards are absolutely flat, smooth and uniform in color. MDF boards, unlike plywood or OSB, doesn’t show patches of orange, brown or red. Moreover, a close look would also bring to sight the evenly arranged small particles with which they are made.
  2. Secondly, ask the producer if the MDF boards have a low quantity of Formaldehyde. Boards with lower formaldehyde are environment-friendly and also make you much less prone to health hazards.
  3. MDF boards are available in forms of fire or water resistant, choose wisely according to your requirement. In most cases they are labeled by color; green for water resistant and the red ones for fire.

Laminate Flooring for Kids

If you have kids at home, then every furniture and walls of your house must be boasting of their creativity. Even the floors are not spared. Scratches from toys or rides and marks from colors and sketch pens might leave a permanent spot on the floor or might be very difficult to be removed.Therefore at Action Tesa, we always recommend for the installation of laminate boards in the kid’s room.

Laminated Flooring for KIDS

Laminate flooring can be considered ideal for kid’s room for a number of reasons, the most important of them being its durability. Laminate boardsconsist of a transparent wear and tear layer which makes it less prone to scratches and marks and so your children are free to run around or play with their favorite toys.

The wooden planks are tightly fitted and the creases are sealed which makes it is water resistant, so, any accidental spill of water or milk can be easily cleaned. If by any means the floor suffers severe damage then only those destroyed planks can be easily replaced without the need to change the entire floor.

Children’s room is the messiest place in your house but you need not stress about that because laminate floorings can be cleaned easily by vacuuming or mopping the floor with a damp cloth. Even the stubborn scribblings with a permanent marker can be cleaned in a jiffy from laminate floors. And as it can be easily cleaned, it prevents your family from falling prey to any sort of allergies.

Lastly, laminate floorings are an eco-friendly choice and provide natural insulation to keep the feet your child warm during the cold days.

If you are still having second thoughts regarding laminated wooden floorings, then you would be happy to know that it is also budget-friendly. Yes, you can get the aesthetic feeling of hardwood without burning a hole in your pocket!

Let’s face it, you cannot always keep an eye on your children to prevent them from all sorts of misdoings. So, the better choice for you is to visit Action Tesa, pick a laminate flooring of your choice from our endless options and give your children the full freedom to enjoy their childhood.

Laminate Flooring for Bathrooms

Modern-day homeowners do not limit their fancy for a well-designed home till their living rooms or bedrooms, but bathrooms also form a crucial part of their house décor. And why would it not be? We spend a good chunk of our time in bathrooms everyday, and will love to amp it up into something aesthetically pleasing!

To make your bathroom stand out, then you must think beyond changing the set of towels, fittings, and accessories. What if we suggest you set aside the conventions and choose laminate flooring for your bathroom?

If you are backing out thinking that wooden floors are not suitable for bathrooms, then be reminded that we are talking about laminated wooden flooring and not hardwoods. Laminate boards are made of wood fibers and melamine resins that make it far more durable than hardwoods for bathroom use.

Other than this, it is very convenient to install. You can go for a DIY session with your partner in the name of installing laminate boards or you can sit back and relax while professionals from Action Tesa do it for you.

Another advantage of using laminate boards is their minimal maintenance cost. We,at Action Tesa, understand that a small scratch or chip on the floor is enough to break your heart! Therefore, the laminate boards come with a transparent wear and tear layer, that not only gives the floor a glossy finish but also protects it from small mishaps.Moreover, while installing the boards, we seal the crease of the planks with water resisting material, thus preventing the seeping of moisture to the lower layers.

As far as cleaning of the floor is concerned, a good sweep or a mop with a damp cloth just works fine for our product.

Laminate boards can change the entire ambiance of your bathroomsas it can be embossed with the looks of woods of varied species as well as that of different stones or tiles. It would help to soothe your senses and give you a warm and cozy feeling. In fact, they areideal for revamping any section of your house.

Laminated wood flooring from Action Tesa has worked wonders for many homes in India, and now it is your turn to give yours a mind-blowing makeover.