Top 5 Points Consumers Concern About Laminated Flooring

Laminated flooring has acquired the heart of buyers due to its presentable look in affordable price. As per common psychology, we want to invest the low price product which will fulfill all the requirements. According to a survey of compare and contrast of flooring products – Stone tiles are durable and has great finishing, but less creative. Also the price is high; Ceramic tiles are creative in shapes and look but less durable and costly. Hardwood flooring is less durable and cannot mimic different looks like laminated flooring. Also, it is expensive. Gathering all the points laminated flooring is more equipped with three points – consumer-friendly price, Durable, Creative look. There are some certain features which will drive you more inclined to the laminated flooring.

Eco-friendly : Laminate flooring provides lower carbon footprint than the hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring shows carbon footprint due to the harvesting and transportation. Unlike the other wooden floor it does not expand due to the fall of temperature as the materials in the sub-layers are interlocked with each other. Apart from this, you can reuse the laminate flooring after its service period, as it recycles.

Versatility : With the help of modern printing technique Laminate flooring can provide every flavour of flooring you want. It can replicate the texture of hardwood, stone or ceramic tiles. It gains acceptability from the consumers due to its articulation property.

Cleaning : In comparison to other floors laminated floor is easy to clean and wash. A damp mop is enough to wash and clean. Also you can add some home cleaner available in the market. Unlike the hardwood flooring it does not get damage due to the spill of water or create bubble on the surface of the floor. It is resistant of any stains, sun exposure and scratches. So The less expense and labour in the maintenance creates a fondness among consumers.

Easy Installation : One of the reasons for its vast adaptability is the easy installation process. Unlike the other flooring it does not take 10-12 days time to sit and acclimate. You do not need to paste adhesive with the layers. Technology makes it easy for you. Just spread a sheet where the materials of sub-layers are already seamed. Then put the planks according to their design. Normally it will take 2-3 days to sit and acclimate to the temperature.

Health : If you have kids and oldies in your family, then heal is a concern issue for you. Laminated flooring has a anti-bacterial coating layers which prevents the growth of any bacteria and worms. It does not emit any green house gas and VOC free.

What is the Right Floor for Your House?

Every homeowner chooses their floor style depending on their pocket-balance and essential needs. The first thing to consider is – whether you invest for an old house or a new one? The dwelling site is another important factor. Wooden flooring is come back in fashion with different shades and styles. If you enhance the elegance of your house then wooden flooring is the right choice for you. It will give your home a creative look as well as give you a feel of nature.

Here are some specimens of wooden flooring for your home.

Hardwood :

Hardwood flooring has an everlasting appeal. The wood comes from nature and easily degradable in natural recycle. You can redouble your money buying wooden floors, as it can be reused even after its service period. It does not emit any green-house gas like carbon-di-oxide, rather wood preserves the carbon and produce oxygen. In this way it helps to refresh the air in your home. One more incredible thing is its acoustic sounds. Wood absorbs the vibrations or hollow sound. So it is perfect for music and entertainment program in your home.

There are some darker sides of choosing Hardwood floor:

  • It is Highly expensive
  • Re-installation is not easy. If you deciide to change your mind after installation you will get a hard time to do it. It takes time to sit in the base.
  • Due to the fall of temperature it expands and the design gets clutterd
  • It can be damaged by water due to plumber leakage
  • Subtle use. Maintenance is costly
  • Only wooden texture is available in design
  • Laminate

    HDF Laminated Flooring :

High density Fiber boarding will increase the appreciation of your floor. It has a density of 600-800 kg/m³. It is an artificial product of wood. It is made of the extract of hard wood. It has six layers emerged in resin under heat and pressure. It has a high moisture resistant quality. It will not be damaged if you install it for the flooring of your bathroom. Price is inexpensive and its durability adds years to its use. Some people are passionate for hardwood flooring for its contemporary and classic look but fret over the sky-hiking price tag of hardwood. HDF Laminated Flooring is the right solution for them because of its affordability. The interesting point is – it can mimic the texture of hardwood and tiles too. You can design your floor with this product according to your idea. It is also easy to clean and wash. You do not have to purchase costly cleaner to wash. Normal home cleaner and vacuum cleaner is apt for it. Considering on your budget it’s amendment cost is very low. You do not need to purchase any vinyl wax to nourish it.

There are some bright sides of this flooring:

  • It takes 2-3 days for installation and adjust with the climate
  • Easy removal
  • Resistant of water, sun and stains.
  • It can mimic any texture you want.

The Reasons You Choose Laminate

You should go for a floor which combines the aesthetic beauty as well as user friendly features. Laminate floor offers versatile look with great functionality and an affordable range of price. It has a warm touch of hardwood floor. It simulates every quality of a natural wood which can be fool anyone’s eyes.

Laminate floor is man made wooden plank made of six layers depending on the manufacturer. It is infusued with fiber and wooden planks. There is an external hard plank on the top layer coated with resins. The external layer or the décor panel has copied the look of solid wood or tiles. The manufacturer can give it any look they want with the help of modern printing technology. For instance, you can get concrete floor or ceramic tiles virtually with the printing technilogy. Even you cannot distinguish between the real and the artificial. You do not need to be afraid of discoloration because its ultra ptotective layer is sun proof and water proof. The resistance power depends on the quality of the brand. You can cover every room, kitchen, bathroom, staircase with laminate floor. As stair case bears much wear and tear, it has chance to crack or floated. But with Action tesa laminate floor you can rely on easily. Action Tesa HDF laminated board has high density and it is perfect for bathroom and kitchen for its high moisture resistant quality. Wiith the assurance of scratch free feature you can install it in your children’s room. Children have natural tendency to scroll push up toys and often they play with pets. Laminate can stand up any scratch, any dent by push up toys or pet’s claw.

Maintaining of laminate floor is easier in comparison to the Hardwood. Vacuuming of once in a week is best for preserving the brand-new shine of the floor. Though, a regular mopping is enough for cleaning. The antistatic property of Action Tesa’s laminated board draws less dust. Moreover, it has an ultra protective layer which obstructs the termites and other house worms. It is suitable for kids and oldies oldies who have allergy.

The user friendly installation is one of the reasons to choose this floor. Modern technology offers you easy interlock system where planks are placed side by side like a jigsaw puzzle. You can add or separate planks by own. It does not need to be glued or sanded. It saves your expense of hiring any expert.

Environmental Benefits of Installing Hard Wood Floors

Hardwood flooring is always a sophisticated choice for your home and also for your business. It is affordable in price and durable in usability. There are some ecological and environmental benefits, have a look on this.

Carbon-Neutral :

Wood is a carbon-neutral product. It produces oxygen during its growth circle and saves the carbon during its service life. As wood does not emit carbon or carbon-di-oxide, it is beneficial for the residents of the home. As it removes the chances of emitting any greenhouse gas in your home, it is considered as eco-friendly.

Fresh Air :

Wood refreshes the air in your home as it is a product directly comes from nature. Children and oldies have chances of allergies due to the dust stored in the floor carpet. Wood floor will relief you in this aspect.

Improves Acoustics :

Wooden floor improves the acoustics in your home. It absorbs any hollow sounds or vibrations. For this reason Studios and theatres install hardwood floor. If you allow your home to be ideal for music, drama and recording, then don’t feel uneasy to welcome hardwood floor in your home.

Save Natural Resources :

Wood floors directly saves the natural resources like water and energy. Unlike other carpets or flooring there is no consumption of water and energy to produce Hardwood flooring.

Natural Recycle :

Wood is a natural degradable product. It can be burnt and assimilate into nature at the end. So, it does not create any cause of environment pollution.

Reused in Other Purpose :

when the service period of this flooring will be over, you can use it in another purpose. Because the wood does not die. It is a perk of nature which you can customize into your choice.

Harvest :

If you have empathy towards nature then it seems hard for you choosing this flooring option. Do not worry. Annual growth of trees is greater than the harvesting of woods. As the wood can be reused in different purpose and woods lasts for long time, so harvesting is much slower than the re-growing of woods.

Compare Laminate Flooring with Engineered Wood


If we look from the viewpoint of a buyer we find the laminate floor and engineered wood look almost same, mimics the texture of real hardwood. What matters to them in time of buying is the cost of the product. As both are cheaper than the natural hardwood, so buyers often are tossed between choices. It is necessary to educate them about the product before they buy and help them with clear conceptions why they are choosing that.

What is Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered wood is consists of a real hardwood or natural wood on the top layer and it is called Lamella. It is the soul part of the floor which generates the real hardwood finish. Its core part is made of different types of wood materials or plywood. The best part is, it resists more contradiction and expansion compared to the solid wood.

What is Laminate Flooring

Laminate floor is a synthetic product made up of five to six layers depending upon its brand. It has a hard external layers and the core part is made of fiber boards. Fusing of different ply-woods, fiberboards and foams make it resistant to moisture. Its intertwined fiber and wooden materials prevents expansion in climate change.


Now, the question comes what will be the better choice between Laminate and Engineered wood in terms of usability, Money, looks, ease of installation, maintenance.


Generally Laminate floor costs lower than the Engineered wood. Engineered wood is slightly higher in price due to its natural hardwood layer in external part. The price varies considering the texture, quality and thickness of veneer. Laminate flooring is devoid of the solid wood layering, which makes it cheaper. Sometimes adding an additional layer to the subfloor for stability reduces the savings from expense at the beginning. Even Frequent replacement of laminate planks marginalizes the cost of buying engineered floor.

Ease of Installation

Laminate floor is quite distinguished in its easy installation method. It has been designed with interlock pattern like a puzzle game, which is easy to install and replace. Even the buyer himself can do the job. Also it takes 36 hours to sit and adjust with the temperature. In this respect, engineered wood takes time same as the hardwood. Installing method is difficult like hardwood. It needs to be glued or stapled by experts. Instead floating engineered wood can be installed but it includes risks.


Maintenance of Engineered floor in a regular basis is same as Laminate floor. A daily vacuuming and enhance its shine. Mopping with water can be injurious to the engineered wood. The hardwood veneer can be affected with the water spills and other liquids of cleaning. In terms of yearly maintenance, you cannot refinish the laminate what you can do with engineered wood.


Laminate floor is versatile in its appearance. It can mimic the look of hardwood floor, concrete, bamboo, ceramic tiles with the help of modern printing technology. Engineered wood only reflects the conventional look of wooden floor.


An Engineered wood lasts more than a laminate floor depending on the external layer. It can be re-sanded unlike laminate and after a decade you can revives it with a coating and re-vanish. It lasts almost 70 years where the laminate lasts 20 to 25 years.


Laminate floor is more resistant to water and sun rays. If you have pets and kids in your home, engineered wood is susceptible to surface scratches due to its hardwood top layer whereas laminate floor bears more wear and tear. As Laminate floor comprises of Strong external layers emerged in resins it can resist the scratch, stain and dent.


Laminate flooring and engineered flooring both are unique in its own sense and both have pros and cons. Considering upon your priorities you have to make decision of buying.

Laminate Flooring for Your Basements

Basement is the foundation of the building. The floor of basement is the heart and soul of the entire building. For this reason, the floor should be strong and it should act like a savior of the house. Many a house have no moisture protective barrier, most of the old houses which can hinder ground water. The ratio of water and soil may vary to different countries. Considering the location, laminate flooring is compatible to most places due to its high density water resistant board. What you fear for hardwood flooring, that if the moisture leaks beneath it starts to damage. Then you need to repair the whole floor of basement and shifting furniture to upward floor is a nuisance. Laminate floor is consisted of six layers. It has a strong external layers infused with resin and its core is made with fiber boards and wooden planks which does not soak moisture. So there is no chance of swelling in laminate floor.

Manufacturers now presents laminate floor with various designs and patterns. You can choose different shades of planks in affordable prize. It can mimic the appearance of stone or concrete floor and hardwood floor both. You get more user friendly features spending a lower price than these flooring. You can not differentiate its warm touch with natural wood. With laminate floor you can groom your basement room more acoustic. It is a pleasure when you arrange a gathering in your house on any festive or other occasion, your basement floor supports you a lot to fulfill the purpose. Also you do not think about the de-pigmentation, as this floor can stand up more wear and tear compared to Hardwood and vinyl flooring. Gathering an enormous people will not trouble to your home now. Because laminate floor can bears a lot of footfalls and high heels of women in stiletto does not ruin the floor.

Maintenance is easy. Vacuuming is the best for laminate. Even regular mopping can enhance its shine. You do not worry about the water spills too. Its uppers layer has high plasticity which does not allow water to penetrate. Shifting your furniture will be easy with the laminate floor as it has scratch resistant formula. Even in inclement weather laminate planks does not expand due to its intertwined fiber board and planks. It does not extend like natural wood. If your house is located at a high adversity location where drainage system is poor and your basement plunges into water due to high rainfall, then laminate floor gives you the solution. Add a vapour barrier before installing the laminate.

Another good aspect is that, this floor is easy to install. Modern laminate floor has interlock system. It features the easy and fast fitting of planks as in jigsaw puzzle. You do not need to glue or sand it. In case the plank is damaged, you can replace only the damaged plank instead of re-installing.

Why Wooden Floor is Best for Your Studio?

As we know sound of wooden floor is more natural, it is best for recording room of musicians, vocalists and instrument players. Wood absorbs the hollow sounds and vibrations from outsides. If you see the photos of studios, 99.9% of them are made of wood or a substitute of hardwood. But Hardwood floor costs huge and you need to put more effort and money to maintain it. Moreover Hardwood floor is a soft target for worms and termites. Understanding the location of the studio you need to decide which flooring will suit your budget and Utilization. If your studio is located near railway station or metro railway, you need to cover your floor with hardwood. Otherwise, Laminate floor is applicable for a recording studio. Though it occupies some terms and conditions. Suppose your studio is on the first floor of a building. So the footfalls make hollow sounds and create noise which makes your studio goes in vein.

The solution to this problem is so cost effective. You need to hire an expert who will float the floor replacing a resilient sublayer under the laminate. As studio gets more wear and tear than a regular home, carpets gets tattered by rough use. Recording studios need more calm and serene environment. In the other hand it gets more motions in small spaces due a list of necessary equipments, music instruments, a group of musicians and instrument players. Laminate floor is a so-so choice to avoid this cacophony. The reflective surface of laminate floor can bring pitfalls to your working experience. You can choose High density laminate floor (HDF Floor) to overcome this ordeal of sound reflection.

To give a good acoustic treatment within your budget you can embrace high quality carpets on your laminated floor. The worst thing of carpet is, it only absorbs the mid and high frequencies, leaving the low frequencies. Also you need to cover the wall with wooden cladding to make it sound proof. When budget is an issue, take help from an expert. He will guide you where to install laminate floor and where hardwood and carpets. Such as applying laminate floor in heavily traffic areas, using carpet where people seldom goes, installing hardwood where the recording is done.

Laminate Flooring to Decorate the Office Resident

With the digitalization of India new start-up companies are evolving around every big and small cities. Budget is a big issue for new entrepreneur. Naturally they look for low cost, low maintenance decoration for their office. In other hand they need to incorporate sophistication in their flooring, cladding of walls and doors, understanding the property and the business. Considering this fact, laminate flooring is apt for their office.

Work-place plays a vital role in the mind of the employees and the owners too. This is the place where they spend most of the time awakened and office ambience helps them to create something innovative and outstanding related to their task. By this way the office décor generates the growth of business. Obviously the floor is heart of the business suit which reflects the whole designing.  Offices now adopt revolving chairs to reduce the pressure in neck and make your movement comfortable. Then why not adopting a floor which gives relief to your knees and hips?  Concrete floors are too hard to damage young knees and hips. Hardwood boards would impact on the pocket of the investor, so embracing laminate floor is best way to be benefited financially and physically.

In aesthetical sense laminate flooring too appeals to the eyes of modern man, and generations past. It can emulate the effect of real hardwood flooring and its wooden sub-layers produce the sound of hardwood floor while walking. Also it can mimic a variety of look you want to implant in your floor. The Good quality Laminated floor has a deep interlock system with the fiber board inside it which resist moisture or damping in inclement weather. Laminated floor are compatible with busy work environment, as there are high chances of traffic. Though most of the brands share their testimonial of high durability, the precaution should be taken before damage. If any scratch or stains are seen on the surface, the affected plank is need to be replaced. You do not need to repair the whole floor. Instead you are able to cure it partly as it is designed with interlock between planks side by side. Though exposure to direct Sunlight all the time is not good but sometimes it needed to prohibit the worm attack. Compared to Hardwood floor the best thing about laminate flooring is, The UV rays of sun does not create yellowish effect.

Good laminate flooring can adopt the acoustic feature of hardwood which absorbs the hollow sound and vibrations of outside. It is helpful in creating an office environment. The expense of maintenance is in affordable price. Laminate floor is eco-friendly because it is consist of organic materials which is recyclable. It weighs lower than the hardwood or concrete floor which saves the cost of transport.

Design Your Dream Home with Laminated Flooring

your long-Waited wish of buying a new home comes true. Naturally it is very dear to you. You will do everything special for your house. You will decorate your home from top to bottom to adore it more and get appreciations from guests and neighbours. No drawback will be found when giving attention to every nook and corner of your room. Flooring is the major concern while designing the home of your dream. Laminate flooring is now in-thing in fashion and choice. There are some suggestions regarding laminated flooring for your dream house.

Superior in Functioning :

It has a resistant power to negate the scratches and the effect of water and sun due to its sandwich layers. It is composed of basically four layers. The hard external layer, Designing layer, the resin coated soul layer and the back layer. As it is covering the floor of your dream house, then it’s durability is a significant concern. Laminated flooring can bear the wear and tear of your day-to-day life. You do not have to be anxious about the scratches by the push-toys of your kids, nail of your pet and also do not have to fret on wearing pencil-hills on the floor.

Design the Floor Drawing Room :

Drawing room is the rendezvous of the family members at the end of the day when they enjoy television shows together. It is a place of relaxation after the day’s toil. So designing of drawing room should be made considering the ideas of domestic atmosphere. Visualize some are in half seated position in the sofa and some are scattered on the floor. Do your eyes stick to the floor? Yes it is the heart and soul of your drawing room. It determines the overall décor of your home.
If you plan for a large drawing room with less furniture, then choose a dark color for your floor. It will give your floor a dramatic effect. Installing laminated flooring for your drawing room will increase the popularity among the friend circle and any gathering, because laminated flooring is perfect for performance of dance, drama, music, instrument or any entertainment.

Design the Floor of Bedroom :
Is your bedroom adjacent with furniture? Then selecting a light color for your floor will be the smart choice. Light color of floor helps to illuminate the room with small space and size. Contrast the color of floor with the furniture and walls instead of mixing it. Coating of the same color will fade the effect of the color. Bedroom is the place of peace, as well as your creativity. So you can adopt shades and texture of variations for floor according to your choice.

Design the Floor of Your Kitchen :

The ladies of your house spend most of the time in kitchen. You should show empathy for them while designing your kitchen room. Laminated Flooring offers different shades and color pallet. Engage your lady-love to choose the floor color. Avoid choosing off-white or light shades in kitchen. Otherwise stains of cooking on the floor will be visible. It is highly suggestive to choose design and texture of tiles which is creative and can hide the stains.

Design the floor of your bathroom :

Bathroom or washroom is a place where you need to incorporate a nourishing and rejuvenating feeling. In order to add a Spa-like mood to your bathroom, install the texture of stone. Select Natural color of ceramic and stone.

How to Clean Laminate Floors

Are you installing laminate flooring in your home? This blog will give you simple guidance how to maintain it without hurting much your pocket. A good maintenance will ensure its durability and ensure the glow of your floor. Go through the guidance first and after applying these do a white-socks test on your floor.

Avoid Water

Using too much water will create effect on the glow of your floor. Avoid any water or liquid mixture, as water drips between the layers of laminated floor. Then the planks swell. It ruins the aesthetic quality of the laminated floor showing bubbles on the surface. Nobody expect an uneven surface in laminated floor. Moreover water between the plank layers can make it damage. If water drops on your floor, then let it be soaked naturally. But avoid overusing of water.

Sweeping is Void

Sweeping does not impact on laminated floor, as the surface of your floor has a plastic finish. Instead of sweeping use a vacuum clear or dry dust mop. A traditional broom lagged behind the corrosive substances and when these get mix with the water from the mop, it will mess the floor.

Use Baking Soda

Sometimes stains of paint, oil, coffee is too hard to remove. Prepare a paste of baking soda with regular home cleaner and apply to the affected area. Keep it for 5-6 minutes. Rinse it with a soft cotton-ball. Instead you can use a baby toothbrush to scrub the area, if the stain is too deep. Otherwise you can leave the paste overnight to get best result.

Use Nailpolish Remover

Use acetone-base nailpolish remover on the stains like oil-paint, ink, nailpolish. Use it with a cotton ball and rub the stains. It can help to remove any spot fro fabric.

Buff the Floor

To get best result, use buffing rags. A microfiber mop is a smart solution. The swivel heads of microfiber mop help to move every nook and corner of your floor to pick the dust particles easily. It soaks less water compared to the regular mops.

Protect the Floor

A prevention is always better than cure. So taking a few precautions will keep your floor evergreen for a longer time. Do not expose it to the sun directly. Use thick window covers that obstructs the direct sun ray coming in. Do not open the window in inclement weather. Keep it protected from rain drops and fogs.