Select the Right Color for Your Flooring

Your identity is not stick to your fingerprint only. Such like your choice of colors will reveal much about you. Everyone seeks appreciation about his choice. Choice is a mini testimonial of his personality which he wants to send others secretly or indirectly. Choosing of your floor color is a major concern because floor is the centre of attention in your home. There are some certain factors to concern while choosing the floor color.

Contrast the Colour

In an endeavour to make your room looking clutter-free you should not choose colours which easily mix and match with the furniture’s color. Suppose a cupboard in your dining room has ivory finishing and you chose the similar color in your dining room’s flooring. Imagine, how it will look? It will seem that the cupboard’s legs are immersed in the floor. So choose the color of contrast while installing lamination flooring.

Consider the Size of The Room

choose the colour of your floor considering the size of the room. Are you cramping for the spaces in your study room? Choose light color for floor like beige, off-white. It will reflect the light scattering into your room and the room will seem larger. Deep color absorbs the light. So for dining room or art room which has vast space, choose dark colors. Royal red will ignite your flooring to a sophisticated finish.

Conceal the Scratches

Though many brands promise that their flooring is scratch resistant, you should take precaution from your side. Always prevention is better than cure. Use mat-finish color in the high traffic zone where your pets and children play or you usually shift furniture. Use the texture in the high traffic zone, even the scratch occurs it will look as it was before.

Lighting of the Room

When you choose your floor colour, think about the lighting of the room. A black floor with low lighting from the ground will give your room a dramatic shade. A dark room, which has not enough windows will bloom when you choose light color for flooring along with a light hanging from the ceiling of the room. A mirror will enhance the brightness of the room and the small room will look larger when you set a mirror in the room.

Laminate Flooring is Homeowner’s First Choice Till Date

In the year of 1970, laminate flooring debuted with its sophisticated look and affordable price tags, homeowners only experienced the wooden finish on the floor, sub-floor and wall which looks very artificial or cheap in aesthetic sense. In today’s advanced printing technology laminate flooring offers various designs according to their choice. Home is connected to our emotion. It acts like a living companion, if it is full of life, colors of our own choice, moods which we want to project on it. Many homeowners choose laminate flooring to enhance the glow in their home for some pull-up factors:


Laminate Flooring can bear the wear and tear of everyday life, especially when you have children and pets in your home. It can resist any impact or scratch on it because of its strong layer on the surface. This surface protects the base wood made of fiber board which is emerged in resin for strengthening. It lasts longer than any hard wood.


It can soak the water easily. So it can protect your wall from moisture. You will not see any damp like normal hardwood.

Easy to clean:

It’s plastic coating on the surface is easy to clean and wipe. It does not require waxes or varnishes for maintenance. So, this will not cost you much for maintenance. A regular wash with wet mop and broom or vacuum cleaner is alright.

Easy installation:

Laminate flooring is its booming phase in the flooring and real estate industry due to its easy installation. Suppose you installed a laminate flooring which articulates the style of ceramic tiles. Now you saw a wooden texture in your neighbour’s house and want to update it. You do not have to worry and spend much money for removing and re-installation. It is very easy to install without spending much money and time.


Choosing laminate flooring will not impact on your pocket. It has reasonable price considering its durability, longevity, low cost maintenance and aesthetic aspects. It will not cost you like any hard board flooring. If you have limited money for flooring and want a ravishing finishes, then invite laminate flooring without hesitating.


Laminate flooring receives the sense of warmth in your floor. It can accustomed with your atmosphere and flourish its beauty instantly. You can invite colors into your flooring by matching with your furniture. You can customize the mood of your home with different style of lamination – stone like finishing, wooden texture, ancient look, or contemporary.

Atmosphere Friendly:

If you wish to stay amidst of nature with the facilities of urban life then laminate flooring is perfect choice for you. The good thing is about that it takes only 36 hours to sit in your home and adjust with the temperature.

Why Homeowners Love Laminate Flooring

Laminated flooring provides various benefits, from affordable style to easy installation. This flooring made its debut in 1970.At that time, grooves and tongue had to be fixed together during floating installation. Since 1970, the radical changes have been made in manufacturing process and have now become most sought-after flooring. These days click lock technologies are used on laminate flooring. The floor is obtained from 4 layers which are pressed together using pressure of 300 to over 1300 pounds per square inch and heat. The floor comes in wide range of patterns and colors for existing décor. The flooring provides homemakers with various benefits such as affordable style, easy installation and more. Some of other factors due to which homemakers love this flooring are given below :

Wide Range of Selection

Laminated wooden flooring offers wide range of selection, so that homemakers can find any design and style as per living spaces. Its styles include domestic species, exotic wood species, porcelain tile, natural slate, narrow boards, wide boards and individual tiles.

Very Durable

Laminate flooring is very durable and can be used in high traffic areas as well. This flooring is also protected against UV rays and will not fade over time easily. Homeowners with pets and kids like durability of this flooring.

Easy to Install

Laminated wooden flooring can be installed easily, so easy that you can install it of your own. All the laminate floors come with simple click lock, which allows new laminate floor to be installed quickly and walked on it.

Easy Maintenance

Laminate Flooring is less expensive to maintain than other types of flooring. Its high quality construction and protective top layer protects floor against wear, moisture, staining and fading.

Environmentally Friendly

Known as ultimate copycat, laminate flooring is environmentally friendly and best choice for home. This floor is manufactured to mimic other flooring types at affordable rates.

Laminate Flooring Maintenance, Cleaning and Repair

Also known as floating wood tile, Laminate flooring is multi-layer synthetic flooring constructed in layers and fused together with lamination process. Its bottom layer is “backing”, and designed to resist moisture. Its inner core is made of high density fibreboard which increases durability and enhance moisture resistance. This type of flooring was designed as an affordable alternative to hardwood. But these types of floors require special kind of maintenance to keep their shine. To make your floor shining, follow the below given tips:

Laminate Flooring Maintenance, Cleaning and Repair

Basic Maintenance

Use soft bristle broom, dust mop or vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and dust on regular basis. For slightly damp cleaning, spray cleaner onto cotton, microfiber mop or terrycloth. Avoid wet-mop cleaning with liquid cleaners or water.

Quick Step doormat

Keep quick-step doormat at the entrance of your home which will help to avoid unnecessary damage to your floor. Mat loosens the dirt such as grit is already removed from shoes. This means laminate floor will look like new for years. Don’t forget to place door mats in high-traffic areas, which is effective way to reduce wear.

Protect from UV rays

Protect laminate flooring from excessive heat of direct sunlight and UV rays by using protective window coverings. Additionally, rearrange furniture and rugs to help floor age evenly. In inclement weather, avoid exposing floor to water.

Repair work

If there is minor damage, fix it with repair kit. For example, with repair kit you can fine-tune the color to match it with damaged plank.

Cleaning tips

To deep clean laminate floor, use steam mop occasionally. Not daily, because use of steam can cause laminate to buckle. Window cleaner can be used occasionally for spills but over-use of ammonia can damage protective sealant.

Avoid use of vinegar

Vinegar is acidic, which isn’t best option for laminate surface. But many people use little bit of vinegar and hot water to remove pet grime. If it is used in abundance, it can remove protective seal of floor.

Extra Protection

Use protective pads under heavy furniture and high quality floor mats for extra layer of protection.

Why Choose Laminate Flooring for Your Office

When it comes to choose among flooring options, it is very hard to decide what is right for your home or office. The main function of any flooring is of practical nature, and no doubt there are many ways one can be creative in mind to imagine the floor. However, these days laminated wooden flooring is foremost choice when it comes to flooring in office or home. This flooring is multi-layer synthetic flooring product which blends with a lamination process. This water damage resistant floor is constructed of many sections which are locked together. Here’s list of reasons scoped out for you on how this flooring is best for office:

Healthy floor

Laminate flooring offers modern look and beauty to office which makes it one of the favorite and most demanded wooden floorings. It provides healthier and cleaner living environment as compared to other floorings such as carpets. Additionally, it provides satisfaction, true value for money and aesthetic pleasure. Apart from all this, it accumulates less dust and doesn’t hold stains on the surface.


Laminated Wooden flooring is designed with durable and tough wear layer which makes it much stronger than other solid hardwood flooring, vinyls and carpets. In addition, it is more resistant to scratches than softer surfaces and best choice for office with heavy foot traffic. And the best part is it will look like new for years.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

Its best feature is its maintenance. Only little sweeping is required to clean these floors. In case, there are messes or spills, just use water and little soap, and laminated flooring will new shin as before. This floor keeps your office shiny and adds value for the money spent on it. It is kind of investment which increases office value, as other flooring options don’t provide these much benefits.


Being laminated and shiny, laminated wooden flooring is resistant to fading, stains and moisture. In fact, many manufacturers offer warranty protection for long period of time – 10 to 25 years.

Ease of installation

Laminate flooring is easy to install as there is option of glueless floating floor installation. One has to cut, click together and floor is ready to walk on. It is matter of couple of days for professional installers, but for invoices it may take few more days.


If one takes cost as major concern, laminated flooring is economical solution. Hardwood floors require 5-6 refinshings, and carpets and vinyls requires replacement at least twice, but laminate flooring don’t require any of these things.


Choose right colour for Laminate Flooring in Kitchen

Nowadays, there is wide range of flooring options to choose from for home. From carpeting to tile to wood to concrete, there is unprecedented range of flooring than ever before. Not only there are various materials to choose from, but there are number of styles, patterns, colors and textures as well. With so many options available, it is hard to choose right option for kitchen. However, people prefer laminate flooring for kitchen because this type of flooring uses picture of stone, wood or other materials. To help you to choose right flooring, here’s guide for you:

Decide whether you want to accent cabinetry color

If your kitchen has stainless steel appliances and cherry cabinetry, then laying laminate in cherry wood finish can make kitchen look dark. If you choose lighter natural wood, then it will clash with cherry. In this case, choose lighter wood with distressed finish. In case, you have light maple cabinetry, choose dark onyx floors. If kitchen has vintage white cabinetry and maple accents, lay maple wood flooring to complement the accents.

Consider lighting and size of kitchen

Bright lights and light colors make space appear larger whereas low lighting and dark colors make spaces look smaller. The color choice will also be influenced by size of your kitchen and how much light it receives. If you have small kitchen with big window, you can use darker finishes without making kitchen appear miniscule. On other hand, if you have giant kitchen with lot of light, you can opt to use lots of whites and bright colors.

Tone you want to create in kitchen

Most of the people prefer high end elegance in kitchen, while others want kitchen to be light. The color you choose for flooring is going to have a lot to do with the kind of tone you want to create in kitchen. So, analyze what atmosphere you want and choose color accordingly.

Ideas to Beautify Your Home

There is no other place like your home in the world, where you can be the best of yourself. Many  times it may have crossed in your mind that the environment of your home can be made more comforting and pleasing to the eyes. Beautification of your home is one process that boosts the lifestyle of your family and also instills an essence of impressiveness for your guests, be it the family of your boss or your friends close to you. There are various ideas of how you can beautify your home, and often the consideration of the building structure is considered in deciding which one you should go for. Well, as far as the doors and flooring are concerned, the hard work of your selection process is cut to the different available types and designs only.

Ideas to Beautify Your Home

One of the best beautification services you can avail for is that of the High Gloss. You can imagine the kind of walls and flooring you will be enjoying after the surfaces have been rejuvenated with the gloss services. Affordable and qualitative glossing services can be availed with ease from the online platform. It is the same for the other common home beautification services such as Designer Door, and lamination works on flooring.

Laminated Board and Laminated Wooden Flooring are two of the brightest beautification ideas that can redefine your home décor. A little bit of searching on the online platform can lead you to the service providers, who are willing to assist you in making the internal environment of your home suitable to the eyes. You can enjoy their professional approaches in the works and can also learn more about the processes. This will further help you in the insights of how to make your home the most beautiful structure ever. In other words, the likes of glossing and lamination services can make you live your dreams in the comfort of your home. These services can also establish your sense of culture and aesthetics, which can again enhance your reputation among colleagues and friends.

Choosing the best Color of Laminated Flooring for Your Kitchen

Kitchen is heart of home – a place where cooking is done, family gathers and food is shared. So, in this place, the floor should be strong which can bear dropped utensils, heavy foot traffic and spills as well. Kitchen’s floor, besides being durable, should be stylish, warm and inviting as well. The floor selected affects other element of design and with variety of colors, materials and textures available today, there are endless choices. But, laminated wooden flooring is highly in demand these days. So, below given are few tips to keep in consideration while selecting color of laminate flooring:

Consider the size

Color of floor has major impact on feeling of space. Dark or warm tones make large space look smaller. The one, who is cramped for space, should choose natural floor colors to make kitchen feel big such as laminated flooring.

Type of color

Mostly people choose specific floor because they prefer that particular color. So, when selecting floor’s color, think about desired end result and impact of that color on existing or planned components of kitchen. Choose the best color while thinking of combination of floor and components.

Plot the picture in mind

Don’t choose floor based on empty kitchen. Make sure floor matches the style and you get the feel you want. Natural colors create a soothing effect and create neutral canvas. Laminated Wooden flooring, whether dark or light depending on your choice, is the best match for country style interior.

Dark or light?

Dark colors make room look small and light colors enlarge a room. Laminated wooden flooring’s dark color is first step of making contrast. Dark colors can make good contrast with dividers in light colors. Choose white shade and try to avoid stony white. On other hand, light color makes room look lighter and light is reflected by these floors. Light floor color and dark furniture make stunning combination.

Mix the shades of furniture and floor

Make combination of floor and furniture; make sure laminated wooden flooring’s color is light or dark than furniture’s color. If floor color is neutral, combine furniture made of dark wood; because on this floor, even light furniture looks attractive.

Effect of light

Lighting also plays a vital role to change the decorum. In dim lighting, colors make different appearance and feeling than in bright sunlight. Additionally, always remember that light is absorbed by dark colors and it is reflected by light colors. So, choose wisely the color of laminated flooring by considering all above given factors.


Know About The Importance of Acrylic Board and Its Usage

Acrylic Board is made of acrylic which is versatile material and is used in various environments. Acrylic sheeting is available in numerous variations including, color, clear, frosted, mirrored and with brushed aluminum effect. There are two types of sheet acrylic -cast acrylic and extruded acrylic. Both these sheets have different properties and one is more expensive than other. However, both these sheets are known for their outstanding ability and crystal clarity. It is necessary to use acrylic sheets these days, reasons are given below:

Resists weathering

Acrylic Board is strong and resists weathering. So, one need not to worry about it as it stands up to elements longer than plastics.


The acrylic sheets are flexible when compared with glass, and can be mold in any shape. Additionally, sheets are less breakable than glass.

Better thermal stability

Acrylic Board can tolerate sunlight for long durations. The direct exposure to sunlight hardly affects these boards.

Resistant to various factors

The boards are resistant to industrial and chemical fumes. Additionally, it is corrosion resistant as well and can be cleaned easily.


These sheets have hundreds of application for residential and commercial construction. Its few usages are given below:

Kitchen Backsplash

Replace old kitchen backsplash with acrylic sheeting, which is easy to clean and is more sanitary. Additionally it gives modern look to your kitchen and its waterproof and durable too.

Glass cabinets

If your kitchen’s cabinet door glass is old, replace it with brittle glass of acrylic sheeting. It comes in numerous colors and finishes, which will save your money.

Wall Shelves

Glass shelves can be brittle and dangerous, but acrylic board shelves can resemble the glass look, and are easier to install and cost effective as well.

Bed frames

Bed Frames made from acrylic board can be more durable than wood and will break or crack less. As acrylic board can be cut easily, creating DIY bed frame done easily.

Key Features of MDF Board

Medium Density Fiberboard is reconstituted wood panel, which is made from wood fibers combined with glue under pressure and heat. It is reconstituted into wood sheets in variety of lengths and widths. Being denser than plywood, MDF Board becomes favorite board to be used in various building purposes inside and outside the home such as furniture and flooring. It is easily recognizable in local home improvement store due to its characteristics which are unmatchable by other wood products. Below given are some of key features of MDF board:

Key Feature of MDF Board

  1. Durability

MDF board can be used in tropical or moist areas, as these boards can be manufactured with fungicide additives. Additionally, this board is made of 100% hardwood eucalyptus timber which makes it good for painting and polishing.

  1. No knots

Unlike most of the woods, MDF board does not have natural grain because of its uniform density property. Free from knots makes it easy to saw this board in any direction. Additionally, its edges are very smooth if you use sharp tools and use them correctly. Being free from knots, gives it clean look as well.

  1. Strong boards

MDF is heavy, stiff and strong, which makes it bit complicated to work with. The high glue content in MDF causes cutting tools to dull quickly. So, it is best to use carbide tools while working with MDF. Additionally, use screws and nails to combine pieces together.

  1. Smooth Surface

MDF Board is made of fine particles due to which it has smooth surface, uniform density and high internal bond making it ideal for routing, carving, lacquering and painting.

  1. Free from defects

One of other major feature of this board is that it is free from defects of air pockets, waviness and other bonding defects.

  1. Made from fine timber

MDF board is produced from 100% agro-forestry and eco-friendly timber. Additionally, it has easy workability and is highly economical.