Proper Installation Process of Wooden Laminated Flooring

Home is a single word, which is made up through a lot of small things. These little things should join perfectly to express your efforts. Each thing in your house should be well maintained and arranged properly. Flooring is also one of the main things which cannot be ignored after visiting someone’s house. Out of the many available flooring options, people are selecting laminated wooden flooring now-a-days. These laminate wooden sheets come along with many benefits compared to other floorings and hardwood flooring. Unlike hardwood flooring,you can get them in many designs which are covered by the laminated coating on them, they are inexpensive, more durable and maintained easily too (using some cautions). However, if they are not installed properly, they can downgrade your impression on others. With the help of some few steps,this flooring can be easily fixed in the exact look you want to show to your guests.

Step 1: Prepare them for installation: Shrinkage is the main problem may people experience after the installation of wooden laminate sheets. To avoid this, one should always put the opened box in the room at least for 48 hours. This may seem to be strange but according to experts, this will help them to adjust with the room/ area temperature and you will not have to deal with shrinkage problem in future.

Step 2: Check out the surface: While the wooden laminates are adjusting with the temperature, you can check for the cleanness on the surface. It is always better to clean the surface area prior to the installation, so that the wooden flooring will occupy the same space without any problem. Also, make sure the floor is totally dry before the installation.

Step 3: Set a barrier for moisture and bring out the floor padding: To fight with the moisture and provide better strength to laminated wooden flooring, lay down a plastic lining on the floor. After that bring the moisture resistant tape and cover this plastic lining. Next you have to bring the foam floor padding on it and tape it too. This will prevent squeaking and creaking noise, but make sure to check for any overlapping, that may cause unnecessary rise in the floor.

Step 4: Check the planks for unwanted length: There might be some planks which do not fit into the row. You need to trim them first, so that they occupy the correct space.

Step 5: Let’s prepare the first row and put spacer: Bring the wooden board and start laying them from the longest wall. Keep an eye on their joints and alignments. You also need to place spacer on all side, for the wooden expansions (preferably a 3/8”)

Step 6: Give shape to the next row: After finishing with first row, come on the second one. Cut a short piece of wooden plank (close to 8”) and lay it down in parallel to the first row and place a spacer. Bring a hammer and hit this until it completely joint into the first row. Do this process for all other rows as well, until you finish the whole room flooring and do not forget to put spacer at the end of each row of laminated flooring.


How to Make Your Home Beautiful

In this busy life, making an impression on others is quite a tough task. The same is happening with our homes too. Because of the hectic lifestyle, we give the home decoration contract to others. We think that they will give their hundred percent to make things more beautiful, but that is not true. Many times we have to accept their advice over our interest and buy the things which don’t make us happy. We are not saying that you can do this work by alone, but by looking on the below key notes this task can be changed from hassle to easy one.

  • Start with the eradicating process: This process involves investigation for the things which are just occupying space in your wardrobe. Find those items which are in your home since your childhood and compare their usage with the current scenario. It might be possible those meant a lot to you but unable to match with your home decoration. On the other side, search for the items which can be reused or changed as per your home. If these items are not in good condition, you can also make some money by selling them. It is always advisable to keep your sentiments behind the necessity.
  • Know the importance of your bedroom:The bedroom is something which can be related to your comfort zone. It will be the first thing which gives you the cozy comfort, after struggling the daily bread and butter needs. Try to make some changes which change your bedroom into an inevitable bedroom. This can be achieved by buying,changing or replacing old thick curtains with some colorful ones and having a designer door. Try to place some candles around the bed for the ambient brightness. Also, you can place a photo frame, personalized cushion or something which represent togetherness in your relationship. Try to spray some sandalwood, mint or jasmine room fresher once in a week.
  • Take some help from plants and flowers: Flowers can speak a lot about your attitude and they also help to improve positive vibes in each corner of your house. You should not wait for others to find the best flower collection. Instead of that buy some good orchards, white carnations or rose bouquet collection for your living room and hallway. It is scientifically proven that presence of fresh flowers brings harmony and release depression.
  • Bring life to your kitchen: The kitchen is the ideal place to start a conversation and win heart of your neighbors, friends and relative. Some fresh ground coffee beans will help you to be more energetic in the morning. To avoid bad impression, try to clean your kitchen after every cooking schedule and keep the waste away from the guest’s eye. You can also use the cinnamon aroma to improve the air quality.
  • Do not forget about the bathrooms: A healthy bathroom is the best way to get refreshed every time. On the other side people also get noticed by the towel they put over the sink for their guests. Always place ironed towels in your bathroom shelves and use marjoram or lavender scents to improve the air quality.

Apart from these points, choosing laminated wooden flooring can work as icing on cake to make your home beautiful.

What Type of Wooden Board is Ideal for Your Home?

Man-made wood boards are getting name widely due to their multipurpose usage. Selecting these boards for your home could be a tough task if you do not know much more about them. Some provide moisture free surface along with your own printed material, on the other side some could also help you to build a thing which will stay long enough. There are also some cautions along with these particle boards and require maintenance too. We are going to share some well-known wood boards.

  • Plywood: We have selected this at first place because it is the well-known name among the others. This is made through the tiny wood veneers, which further glued together at certain pressure on a certain temperature. This process will form a thicker, flexible and more flat sheet. This layer is went through a lathe, so that the extra thin layer could be removed. These boards don’t shrink or warped due to change in atmospheric moisture. These are divided into WBP (water and boil proof) and Marine (used for boat building and exposed situations). Plywood is the best cost effective furniture material, which can be a good product for wardrobe, dressing, build in media centers and bookcases. Apart from that these can be used in roofing and laminated wooden flooring too, as can carry the load and also work as a skinny layer before laying the tiles. However, their unattractive edges must be covered with a molding or veneer to gain the better look.
  • Block board: On second, we have blockboard in our list. Unlike these boards are made through the solid wood waste and covered by veneer both on its back and front. This wood waste come from the softwood trees like pine, mango or cedar, thus these are inexpensive and light weighted. Unlike plywood,blockboard is less prone to bending from the middle and it can take both nails as well as screws. These boards are also available in large size compared to plywood and supports resistance from fungi, water, chemical and heat. Talking about the usages, it can be used where furniture length is too long like panels, benches, tables and designer door. However, sometimes there is a gap in between these solid woods and due to that the quality and strength of the furniture get affected.
  • Particleboards: These boards are made by bonding the wood waste particles along with adhesive to form a smoother surface board. These wood particles include small wood chips and saw wood waste. Particle boards are available in normal, medium and high densityform. They are used in fire doors, self-assembly furniture, wall lining and partitions. But they tend to breakdown and swell easily once getting in contact with water.
  • Medium Density Fiberboards: Theses are generally hardboard, glued along with wood fibers under pressure and heat. Unlike plywood or particle board, MDF is flat, dense and has no knots. Also there is no internal void or wood grain like blackboard. But these are developed using for maldehydes, which can cause skin allergy, respiratory and eye disease. MDF board provides fine grained wood quality without having a single grain in them. Due to the high glue content these can even dull the steel cutting tool. However, these boards can be broken into pieces while inserting nails and screw due to this glue content. These can be used to make storage units, wall panels and display cabinets.

How to Choose The Right MDF Board

Medium Density Fiberboard, normally known as MDF boards are the first choice when it comes to choose the pocket friendly wooden furnishing for your home flooring and panels. These boards are generally made through the waste particles of both soft and hard wood. Due to that these provide feel of hardwood but save lot of money for you. One can experience the same polish or high gloss, touch and hardwood quality by selecting these for home decoration. Today, these boards are getting enormous fame and there are many industries offering versatile MDF, but to choose the right board for your flooring always remains tough task. Popularity brings more demand and less supply situation, which can impact the quality too. Apart from that there are dedicated MDF boards for every work, so it is always better to do some work prior to start your work. To save your precious time on this, we are explaining some detailed features, which can help you to look out for the right product.

  • Exterior Observation: Sometimes your first impression is enough to portray your character. The same thing goes correct prior to selecting these boards too. To identify the best boards among several wooden boards, you must observe the smooth finish. Unlike particle boards, MDF uses very small wood waste and hence the surface brings you the perfect exterior look. On the other hand, these boards provide a uniform color attribute, which provide additional support in polish.
  • Take a close look on the box content: It is well known in wooden industry that there are some content which are always kept away from customer side. MDF boards are developed by using formaldehyde along with wood particles. If these boards are manufactured through low formaldehyde than you can feel safer compared to those where the fixation uses more formaldehyde. Higher formaldehyde provides better finish to board but makes you live in a hazard prone environment. The side of this chemical can be easily checked online. We suggest you to check the box/ pamphlet details of MDF manufacturer closely because no one wants to build a thing for his child that is unhealthy for their house members.
  • Ask for the quality result: Particle boards, plywood, harwood, laminated board or any other wooden items are given a standard quality clearance certificate. This quality paper explains how the product performance is calculated under diverse situations. You are going to select a wood material for your home, and it should be able to perform under every critical condition. Prior to your final decision, it could be better to check whether the MDF board is certified water resistance, able to deal with scratches, what will be there impact when contacted to fire and does they are able to provide a last long durability to your home? One should check for the green and red label on the board, which represent fire and water resistant respectively.

How does Laminated Flooring Change the Look of Your House

Laminated flooring is becoming popular in today’s home decor items. In USA, it is known as floating tile, as it made through a composition of multi layer synthetic flooring material merged together by means of lamination process. Compared to other flooring materials, laminated board is easy to install and require less maintenance. When it comes to choose the best flooring for long term use along with less installation skill and maintenance, most people go with laminate flooring. Its benefits not only save your money but also save the time which can be used over the hassle free tasks, one can experience in other flooring. Below are some key point which will help you to understand, why you should opt laminate flooring over the traditional flooring items.

How does Laminated Flooring Change the Look of Your House

  • Best in class appearances: The tiles and hardwood flooring comes in different designs but as time passes there color quality gets dull. Everyone wants flooring which shows the high class standard along with better color quality. And laminated flooring fulfills that wish. People can expect both color quality and best in class standard for home. It is also available in many style variants. If needed, you can also order for realistic designs or even tree species texture for your flooring.
  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance: After selecting the flooring material one important task, which can make your mood upset is the cost of cleaning and maintenance. The problem of tiles and hardwood flooring is that, the design is spoiled after some time. If your flooring gets dull than from where you can get the same variant? However, this problem can be solved by installing laminate flooring in your home. It comes with hassle free cleaning option; even a child can clean it by using a simple vacuum cleaner. There is a pre installed laminated board on the design, which helps you to protect your flooring long enough. One can clean it with simple water and vinegar solution and on the up-gradation time, same design can be bought easily too.
  • Durability: Laminate is made from the pressing technique of the wood particle. Due to this process, it develops higher scratch resistance ability and durable feature. These features cost less compared to tiles, marble and traditional hardwood. On the other side, hardwood is easily prone to moisture, especially in heavy traffic area. However, laminate supports wear and tear quality along with versatile texture, so that the look of flooring will not get damaged.
  • Eco-friendly nature: We all are living in age where hygiene issues are so common that even new born babies caught several allergies. Marble and tiles are designed by using chemical process that is the main reason why people change them after installation too. Those people can easily go with the choice of laminate, because these are developed using pressure technology. On the other side, Laminated Wooden Flooring is made up by using wood particles which are a reusable waste of nature.

Whats is HDHMR and Advantages of this Boards

Before explaining anything about HDHMR, one should know the true meaning of this word. HDHMR stands for High Density High Moisture Resistance. It is basically an upgraded term of plywood, used to develop tough and robust wooden usage. Explaining the definition, HDHMR board is made by combining fiber chips, forest wood waste through a homogeneously construction process. These fiber chips are pressed together to form a single layer, removing small wood content to form a robust higher density board. These boards are mainly used where moisture and mould wooden boards are required like kitchen shutters, packing industry furniture, outdoor fixture, etc.

The first main attractive thing about HDHMR board we want to focus is, water resistance. As you can see in the name the term, High density is achieved through the combination of the hard wood particle board along with the special glue pressing technique. These hardwood particles when pressed through the glue, they form a unique water resistance layer through the board. Due to this feature, these boards will take over plywood in kitchen furniture soon and can be used as laminated flooring.

Due to pressing technique small unusable particle get removed from these boards, which makes them termite free too. In plywood making process some content of wood get stuck, which provide easy access to termites in terms of food; but if you are using HDHMR board than there is no need to worry about termites. Due to pressing technique of HDHMR board, several small fibers of wood combines till the time it required density is not achieved.

HDHMR board has a multi dimensional bond with single layer glue architecture, hence it provide higher moisture resistance compared to normal plywood. Where normal plywood catches moisture and there layers start to peel off, HDHMR board will not losses its strength.

Unlike block board, HDHMR boards are made with fiber chips and come with pre paint/polish surface. This feature helps them in veneer pasting along with smooth finish and glossy shine. The high gloss is again protested by water resistant feature.

HDHMR board is developed using homogeneously method, which add benefits of carved, mould and routed during the construction process. Because of the multidimensional bond the HDHMR boards comes with higher screw strength, sometime close to 10 times more than usual block board and plywood. Also when talking about the cost effectiveness, HDHMR take over on other wooden boards.

Compare to others, they are available in half of the cost.  One should also not forget that all the boards are made up using wood chips/ fiber or peeled trunk. HDHMR board has one unique difference compared to others. The construction process of HDHMR board uses fiber chips taken from plantation trees, agriculture waste and 95% of forest wood waste. This unique process excludes the hardwood peeled trunk unlike the block board and plywood.

In the nutshell, these points make HDHMR the first choice for homemakers who want to have designer doors and give luxury look to their house.

Particle Board and Its Usage

Particle boards are created with the combination of wood waste including wood chips, wood fiber, sugar cane fiber and saw dust. These wood scraps are grounded on each other along with glue and go through a pressure machine to form boards. Due to the content used in their structure, these boards come with many positive features compared to plywood and other solid wood boards. Particle boards are not as much durable as plywood, because there making process involves wood waste not the solid wood. Due to this they cost low compare to plywood and solid boards. As these boards are totally made from machines, they can be prepared as per desired measurement.

While the making process, these boards are covered with glue formation, which again provide a pre laminated layer (usually for decoration purpose). Due to this feature, people do not need to buy separate laminated board for their furniture. As wood waste weights less than solid wood, these boards are light weighted too. Due to that there transportation becomes easy both before and after the construction.

Let’s see the core usage area of these boards:

  • As a furniture material: As we have mentioned earlier, these boards cost less than normal solid wood, hence they are being used in the furniture making process. While making home and office furniture, you need fiber wood and a separate laminate sheet for the decoration. However, if you use this board, then these two functions can be achieved altogether.
  • Floor Decoration: Generally hard wood plywood is used for flooring but now a days, particle boards are taking place to cover these wooden flooring. This is done to cover the natural wood as the particle board comes with pre-laminate feature and also you can select from a wide variety or design for your floor. Also the installation and removal is so easy that your hard wood will be protected from any damage.
  • Sound Absorbent: Many people have surely seen the speaker but very have noticed the material, which is being used for creating them. While you dissemble any speaker, you will see that this board is the main thing behind that noisy sound. Particle boards absorb sound and will provide a reflective layer to the sound, due to that sound will not bounce back. Due to this property these are being used in sound studio, media rooms and concert halls.
  • Helping item in construction: One can see how the particle board being used as a supportive plates in beams and sometimes also in low slope rooftop installation due to its availability in several thickness along with treated lumber. These boards are also used in fixtures and fittings due to the low-cost availability.
  • Home renovation: Due to the lost coast and desired measurements, people also use these boards to renovate their home. They use them as a material for home shells, cabinets and to give a new look to their windows/doors. Particle boards are also used as an insulation material along with other conjunctions to fight against heat and moisture.

Advantages of Maintaining Laminated Flooring

As the world has become a place, where everyone is in the race of making their home better than, the other, trend of wooden laminated floor has risen. Laminated flooring is generally done by putting laminated boards in use. The installation of this laminated flooring is the easiest thing, but in case you are thinking that how will you maintain the same, and why you need to do so, here are the answers which you have always sought for when it comes to maintenance of Laminated Flooring:

Hassle-free installation

In the 19th century, ceramic or marble flooring came in trend but, getting it done was a haphazard activity in itself. The cost and time used for the installation took nearly 20 odd days, while if you are maintaining the laminated floor well, then it has the easiest installation process for any floor which is fixed indoors. These laminated flooring is done using MDF boards, that is made up of wood and hence it is eco-friendly too. For people living on rent, it is advantageous as they can take their floor along, and give their new house their touch by installing their favorite laminated flooring.

Saves Environment

Recycling is amongst the top 3 “R”s people are concentrated towards. Laminated boards are made up of wood, hence it can be recycled as well in case you haven’t or don’t want to bring in use. It is reusable and can be easily disposed. Apart from that, maintaining of this laminated flooring required a thorough pest control so that termites don’t harm your favorite flooring.

Easy to clean

Since the laminated flooring does not require some special equipment or technique for maintenance, one can keep it new by simple vacuuming or sweeping the dust out. In case you are someone who enjoys cleaning to the core, you can use a wet mop and clean the floor with a mixture of water and vinegar solution. Your wooden flooring will remain as it is for years to come.

The best thing about getting laminated flooring done is that it comes with a warranty for your investment, as MDF boards are used, some companies can offer a warranty for almost life time on their board. Where else will you get a return on your investment even using it roughly and wear and tear?

A Brief Guide about UV Coated Boards

It is said that ‘all that glitters is not gold’, but you ought to admit that glossy stuffdoes draw our attention, and sometimes for good.As with the case of the UV coated panels,which with their glamorous finish are getting much more recognition than the conventional panel boards;but, this is not only for its uber-look but also because of the added advantages it brings along.

The first thing that strikes the mind while constructing or re-building an interioris its cost; both construction and maintenance. While many might opine that these UV coated boards belong to the expensive side of the popular panels available in the market, it is also needed to be considered that it brings minimal installation and maintenance cost, and also accompanies maximum longevity. The high-quality UV boards are ready to install and do not need any additional polishing, and its UV lacquer ensures that it is scratch proof, resistant to moisture and thus prevent breeding of fungi, and also can tolerate heat yet retain its gloss for quite a long period. Thus, if taken a close look, these UV coated boards can becomea lifetimeinvestment for decorating your interiors.

But, donot limit the qualities of these boards only to their endurance, these versatile panels also have the capacity to give your entire home a head-turning makeover. Right from kitchen shutters to wall panelingembellishments, from the display unit to office storage and various furniture, it can be used in all and thus give your entire décor a polished finish.

Consequently, a man of taste and it will always choose UV coated boards over any other laminated boards; and his intelligence will always lead him to Action Tesa, which will provide him with nothing but the best quality of UV boards. Action Tesa uses quality MDF boards on which a nine-layer of Ultra Violet coating is applied using special pressing technology that gives it a high gloss effect. And since the entire process of lacquering is done in closed chambers, the finished product is free from any harmful emissions.

Therefore, for a solid wood like strength along with a mirror-like finish visit Action Tesa and make your choice of UV coated boards among several other color options.

Find the Best MDF Board Manufacturer in Delhi

In present times the MDF or Medium Density Fiber boards are rapidly replacing the use of ply woods and even solid hardwoods because it is cheap, readily available and can be used in several ways. It is no longer looked down upon for being an engineered wood product instead people are always looking forward to finding innovative ways to utilize it.MDF Plant - Action Tesa

Some of the conventional ways of using MDFs is installation of Kitchen cabinets, designer doors, shoe heels, partitions, false ceilings, laminated flooring, and furniture. Not only this, its high-rise popularity is also because it is also very easy to be worked with, it is sturdy but at the same time can be carved out to give your furnishings desired designs.

So, if you are looking for the best MDF manufacturer in Delhi, the only place that you would be directed to is the showroom of Action Tesa. You might think that this statement is a little exaggerating, then here are three reasons that can convince you to believe that Action Tesa is indeed the top manufacturer of MDF boards in Delhi:

  1. Seller of quality MDF boards: a quality MDF board has some distinct features like its density must be uniform for which it will be devoid of any knots and can be cut from either side. It must be lacking in air pockets and must have a smooth surface so that it can be easily painted or lacquered; and the MDF boards sold by Action Tesa can easily stand up to all these quality tests.
  2. Availability of laminated MDFs: if you are hesitant of using MDF boards in your bathrooms or any other moisture prone areas then check the pre-laminated range of MDF boards of Action Tesa, which is given a variety of shades using the décor papers imported all the way from Europe.
  3. Fully automated plant for manufacturing MDF boards: Action Tesa has become the first one in India to install fully automated MDF manufacturing Plant that uses high technologies to debark the woods before chipping, store them and condition them, so that you can get the best quality of MDF boards.