Top 5 Reasons Why Laminated Wooden Flooring is an Excellent Choice

You might have heard of laminate flooring, which is vastly being used. This multi-layer synthetic flooring product has come a long way, making it popular flooring option. It has maintained the status as the staple go-to wood flooring for residential use. This flooring offers homeowners the same look as of hardwood. Nowadays, it is available in different styles and that too in affordable price. In addition to this, the flooring has gained popularity because it is easier to install and maintain as compared to traditional surfaces such as hardwood flooring. It requires less skill to install and costs less than alternative flooring materials. Below mentioned are reasons why you should go with laminated flooring:

  1. Realistic look and feel

If you love the look of hardwood but can’t afford that project, laminate flooring is good option for you. It offers similar look to hardwood and is affordable. In past, there was possibility that people may recognize this flooring was fake, but with technological advances it is now difficult to tell the difference. It reproduces the look of Hardwood flooring with coloring, grains and locking systems providing realistic feel and look.

  1. Easier to maintain and clean

This type of flooring is blend of natural wood with less added maintenance. It is easier to clean because its wear layer is resistant to staining and spills, thus easy to clean. It is designed to save your time in cleaning as it can be swept and mopped.

  1. Exceptional Value

If one is tight on budget but looking for something with exceptional value, this flooring is what you want. It is best hardwood alternative for homeowners and will fit in your budget.

  1. Versatile and good option for many rooms

Laminate flooring is versatile and can be installed in any room of your house including those rooms that receive heavy traffic, such as living room and entryways. It is good choice for kitchens, main living areas, offices and dens. As hardwood is not good option for bathrooms, due to risk of water damage, but this flooring can be used in these rooms as well. It can withstand water splashes and humid climate. However, it can resist water damage, but it is not good idea to leave water drops on it for long time.

  1. Family and pet-friendly

This flooring is durable while being pet and family-friendly. During lamination process of pressure and heat, its layers are locked to one another to enhance stability and strength. Its top thin, transparent wear layer is strong and scratch resistant and protects it’s from stains, wear and fading. Additionally, it also resists UV fading.

On the ending note, now it’s obvious why this flooring is popular among homeowners today. The possibilities are endless but if you want something hot that will last for long, laminated wooden flooring is for you.


The Advantage of Wooden Flooring For Homes

Flooring is a significant part of constructing your dream house. The type of flooring can make or break the impression of your home. In India, we find that people are no longer settling with the plain old cemented flooring. People have in hand numerous flooring options like marbles, tiles, mosaic and many more. So why settle for less?

But, what if I tell you that among all these flooring possibilities it is wooden flooring that has an edge? Doubtful, eh? Okay to convince you to consider wooden flooring as a promising investment, let me lay down some of its advantages. Come and have a look yourself:

  • Worthy of your money: If you invest in wooden flooring, it increases the value of your home. If you ever think of reselling it, you will be paid a fair price. Wood ages like fine wine and therefore it would never slash down the price of your home.
  • Time-less beauty: Wood never goes out of fashion. While the floors of other homes may be influenced with the rising trend, your house would continue to have a royal look.
  • Durability: Wooden floors are sturdy and require very low maintenance. A good sweep or proper vacuuming is all that is needed to keep them clean. Wooden Floors do require polishing after a while, but is not much costly in comparison to the joy of having a beautiful home.
  • Versatile: Various kinds of wood for flooring are available in the market. Not only this, they are available at affordable prices. They come in assorted colours and can be polished accordingly. Woods are so versatile that they complement both traditional and modern architecture. You can even choose between polished or unpolished material, and use them for specific purposes.
  • Winter homes: Wooden flooring provides an internal warmth to the house and therefore it is ideal for homes in cold places. It is only wooden flooring that can provide you such coziness within four walls.
  • Hygienic: Since wood are a natural product they are non-electromagnetic and thus attract less dust. So, it will not only keep your home clean but also keep away germs and allergies that usually accompany dust particles.
  • Aesthetic beauty: Wood is environment friendly. It soothes your senses and give you a feeling of living among nature.

When you choose the flooring of your house, you must do so wisely because it is indeed a one-time investment. Reasons like excessive cost or pricey maintenance might divert your mind from investing into wooden flooring, but remember that the pros are much higher than the cons. Wooden flooring adds both economic and aesthetic value to your home, and will stay with you for generations.

Connect with Action Tesa and choose wooden flooring to give your dream abode a classy and graceful touch.

Types of Wooden Flooring and Their Different Features

Wooden Flooring is an environment friendly option and has been a popular choice in both Indian and Western markets. This flooring trend has caught the eyes of many builders and home owners as it provides a very rich, elegant, comfortable and catchy look. Now a days, different varieties of wooden flooring options of different levels of quality are available in the market.

There are mainly three types of wooden flooring which are available in the market.

1) Solid Hardwood Flooring

As the name says, solid hardwood flooring is a single piece of wood that is milled from solid lumber. It is a natural and organic flooring option that comes in a variety of finishes including lacquered and oiled wood. In this, the option of unfinished wood is also available which can be stained and finished according to one’s personal taste. As it is made from hardwoods which are gorgeous and durable, these floors are prized worldwide for their natural good looks and patina. However, these are more expensive than other types of wood flooring.

2) Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered wood are like solid hardwood itself with the exception of instead of one solid piece of wood this contains thinner layer of solid wood on the top backed up byseveral plies of wood which are cross layered, glued and pressed together to form a plank or MDF ( medium density fiber board). The layers in it are arranged in a manner so that the grains run perpendicularly. Due to this arrangement, the odds of wood swelling up or shrinking drop intensely.It has low price compared to solid wood flooring. From the surface it looks like a solid wood and has more structural stability as compared to solid hardwood and isextremely stable.

3) Laminated Wooden Flooring

Laminated wooden floorings are medium density fiberboards (MDF) that are made from compressing saw dust with bonding agent.These are not the actual wood and are the most economical option. One can get a good wood-like finish using laminated wooden flooring. It is made of a composite material which is finished with an image of wood. It is a good option for those who don’t want to spend more on flooring. As it’s made from durable composite which resists damage making it an easy-care flooring option.

Wooden flooring has many advantages which include ability to provide a rich look, insulation properties, ease of installation, temperature moderation in extreme weather conditions, anti-skid properties etc. Regular moping with wet cloth is permissible, however any water seepage will damage it and hence is not advisable for kitchen and bathrooms.


Renovating your interior with the blending of beauty and utility leaves you in a one way solution, that is none but wooden decoration. Wood gives you value in the aesthetic sense and utilization too, though hurt your pocket with a high price. Modern manufacturers allow the wooden boards and furniture comes out in various mix-in materials which lowers the price of wood and makes it affordable. Action Tesa is a leading brand of producing wooden floor, door skin, cabinet kitchen, sinks, wooden cladding, cupboard along with other furniture in multiple shades and styles. If you are searching for ‘something new’ to add in your home décor, then visit Action Tesa’s list of UV coated board application. Action Tesa launches this product for using in furniture and kitchen cabinets. Changing tiny elements in your home and making it noticeable is the trick to look new your old house or add something new. For instance, place a small book shelf in your drawing room made of UV coated board. Its sparkle red color with a high gloss finish will attract anyone’s eyes. This small book shelf gives a stunt to the viewers among a lot of old decoration. Now this blog will give you the advantage of using uv coated board.

  • It is 100% natural

It is laboratory certified that it does not emit any chemical or gas. Its core part is made of MDF wood and then it is given to UV coated coating. This is a process of drying the lacquer by UV rays in a series of closed chambers. The UV drying is natural and done in under PLC control process, leaves the product emission free.

  • High resistance of scratch, sun, moisture

MDF board is used in the base of the product which makes the product resistant to moisture and scratch. Even it can bear the sun rays emitting from a transparent glass window. Its 9 layers of Uv coating make it more endurable to scratch, dents or any fungal attack. 

  • Long lasting glow

It is guaranteed you will be fallen for its solid wood like look and hues. Its automatic coating process makes its surface uniform and smooth. The high gloss level (more than 98%) used in UV coated board gives it a mirror finish. The natural coating process assures the long lasting glow. 

  • Maintenance

It is a ready to be used product, so no extra coating or polish is required. Uniform pasting of veneer on MDF due to special pressing technology makes it durable. So it does not need any annual maintenance. For regular cleaning, use screen cleaner spray which will not affect on the coloring of uv coated board, ensuring the enhancement in look.

Make Your Door Noticeable with Action Tesa’s Designer Door

Door is an inseparable part of your house which is the first thing viewed by any visitor. So putting an effort to make your home alluring and inviting is a smarter way to leave your guest awestruck. So either you are constructing a new house or remodeling an old one, choosing a noticeable door is important. There are plenty of options in the market when you go for choosing a door, especially designer door. There are some concerning features while sorting out from an endless choice- Style, materials, soundproofing and door swing

Action Tesa is one of the leading brands with a 15 years experience of manufacturing flooring, wall cladding, furniture, kitchen cabinets, designer-door. It has a strong back end team adept in designing of wooden product with no flaw. We offer you a satisfactory range of designer door fitted for entrance, kitchen, bathroom. Customer is our first priority, so if you want some feature to add our product contact


Design of the door gives your home a distinctive look. The door you choose may be as same as someone in front of your house. Choosing from the same brand can kill your individuality as there are endless buyers in the market. Put some innovative ideas on the design via your manufacturer. Don’t over design it, make some features same. Otherwise it will look overloaded. Match the door size and overall content to your home size. A smaller home with huge doors will look cluttered.

Door swing

Before purchasing the door, the first task is to determine the door swing. On the basis of it the manufacturer does the customization. Door swing is determined standing on the back side of the door, whether it will be given ‘normal swing’ or ‘reverse swing’. The manufacturer will guide you in detail about the swing and handling. Though for your knowledge, the ‘normal swing’ denotes door opens inwards, and ‘reverse swing’ opens outwards.


Sliding door will add fun and ostentatious look to your interior. Door slide will take minimal space in your home as it slides along the wall instead of swing open. They are made of wood or lined with glass. It gives your home an exotic look.


Action Tesa complies to make the wooden door with MDF wood or medium density wood. As it is an engineered product it is highly durable and does not expand in inclement weather. Its mixed ingredients of wood and fiber prevent it from outside moisture and sun rays. With the stability of the product Action Tesa does not compromise unlike other brand. Its solid core gives strength to the product. Moreover, its texture and finishing is smooth, do not shows any grain, which enhance the polish.

5 Things To Consider When Buying Laminate Flooring

The decoration of your room is the iconic example of the ideal environment you want to experience. The décor and mood of your home can change your way of thinking too. The ambience of the room inspires your daily activity. Floor is the heart of the room and centre of attraction in your home designing. A floor detects your life-style and it impacts directly on your daily life. There are certain things in considering the right flooring for your home.

5 Things To Consider When Buying Laminate Flooring

Calculate the budget. Along with the price of flooring you need to keep in mind the other amendments related to the floor. If you want to reinstall your floor then count the budget of removing the previous flooring.

Size of the room
Size of the room and the number of the room matters a lot. If you have large area in your house, you need to think of the budget. How much money will it cost to cover your house or some selected areas.

Colour of the room
Color of your wall will insist you choosing the compatible colours. Do not choose similar color. Instead, choose colour of contrasts.

How long it will last for is a common factor. It will depend upon your planning of updating your floor.

Future prospect
The wood used in flooring, derived from a sustainable source. It is a renewable product. So, if you invest in hardwood flooring and determine to change it you will not make a loss. You will get return of your money by selling the woods.

Commercial Laminated Flooring

Laminate flooring has been enlisted in the top rated commercial choices. Understanding the property of businesses the manufacturers offer laminated flooring of low-cost, easy maintenance flooring solutions for high-traffic areas.

Commercial Laminated Flooring

Laminate structure formation

Depending on the quality of the brand laminate floor consists of several layers, generally in between 4-6 layers. The major part is the core substance, consisting of fiber board filler. This part is infused with fiber boards, planks of different densities and other recycled materials. Below this part, there is a supporting layer which balances the other layers. On the top of the layers it is a printed layer which holds its appearance. With the evolution of modern printing technologies manufacturer can simulates any creative idea to this print. Mimic look of concrete floor, hardwood texture, ceramic tiles all are available in laminated flooring. There is a hard external layer which protects the core and covers the printed part. This is a transparent layer, through which the decorative part can be seen. For this layer, dust, water cannot penetrate into the floor.

Concerns of Commercial Laminate

 With the variety of the brand, the wear layer is differentiates its quality to resist the dust particle, dirt and liquid spills. A regular vacuum cleaning is required to protect the wear layer. Except this there are some other challenging factors discussed below.


At the end of their service period laminate flooring can be recycled. The recycled product can be used as agriculture filler, starched fuels, or energy. The eco-friendly advantages of laminate flooring help to contribute in LEED credits.

UV Light protection

The surface layer is devoid of any UV light yellowing. Install the floor in exposed area where abundant amounts of UV radiation let in the floor.


It is recommended to buy extra matching wood when buying laminate flooring. It cannot be refinished or sanded. When it gets damaged the affected planks requires replacement with the new matching planks. It does not require any annual refinishing or waxing.


You can actually know the functions and limitations of the materials you are using from warranties. By understanding the precondition you can decide whether you opt for laminate or not.

Plenty of designs

Aestheticism is a major factor in commercial flooring. Manufacturers of laminate floor produce every alternative look of Hardwood – Reclaimed wood, Weathered & Distressed look, Rustic and hand scraped look, Exotic wood. These designs of solid hardwood are too costly. On the other hand, Laminates floor brings the authentic look with minimal price.

Discover Action Tesa’s Laminate flooring collections from the comprehensive toolbox. Its advanced technologies create superb designs that give life to every type of flooring. It captures the authentic look of Hardwood floor, concrete, metal with depth, texture and variation.


MDF board is a recreated product consisted of fibers infused with planks under conditioned heat and pressure. It is favorable option for interior decoration such as wood paneling, designer doors, wall cladding and also is used in the outside moderately. The abbreviation of the acronym MDF is Medium density fiber board. As the name implies, it is denser than the plywood. It has higher resistance power to moisture and termites attack. It is available in various lengths and widths.


The key application areas of MDF :

Decorative Wall cladding

Wall cladding increases the aesthetic appeal your home. It adds depth to the interior designs and sometimes useful in concealing flaws in the wall. MDF board is used in wall cladding wood. MDF has high screw holding strength, so it is safe to use as cladding. The denser quality of this board protects it from damage. Its surface is devoid of any natural grain like most of the hardwood. For this reason it has an even tonal quality, you can see its same plain surface from different direction. Its surface is smooth and free of knots.

Kitchen pannel

Applying MDF board in kitchen panel is innovative and completes the overall interior décor of your home. Kitchens are most moisture prone area. As this board has high resistance power against moisture, it is suitable for furnishing your kitchen. Also scratches can occur while chopping vegetable. Woods are costly and delicate to use, whereas medium density fiber board can tolerate the scratch and as it is available in affordable price, so replacement is easy.

Ceiling panel

Panel molding in the ceiling is the hot choice of homeowner. It adds value to your home by transforming your regular home to an elegant one. Applying MDF for this purpose is cost-effective. One of the reason is its strength and stiffness which is necessary for ceiling paneling. As per the requirement of panel molding it is available in various length and width. It can conceal the leaks of your ceiling and prevent water to penetrate during shower.

Routed shutter

To design a routed shuter, MDF board is used. It is easy to give any shape. Also its resin embedded fiber board does not allow its extension during temperature fall. Normal wood swells and creates trouble to lock the door.


The surface of the wooden panel attracts us for its tactile and warm touch which gives stimulation to our senses. It partly fulfils the acoustic feature of the hardwood, as it is denser than normal plywoods. Its functions and environmental benefits wins the favour of modern homeowners.

Why do You Choose Laminate Flooring for Your Kitchen?

When you shop for your kitchen floor you must concern about two things- is it waterproof? Is it affordable in your range? Both are yes in case of laminate flooring. Just next to the primary concerns you would opt for anything creative in laminate flooring. After its debut in 1970, Laminate flooring has gone through different stages of modernization. With the cutting-edge designs laminate flooring can execute your creative appetite. This blog will cut out a brief idea why do you choose laminate flooring for your kitchen:

Why do You Choose Laminate Flooring for Your Kitchen

Moisture resistance

Kitchens are more prone to damage due to water spills, oil spills, scratch of utensils. Laminate flooring is Moisture resistant. As the laminate board has a hard external layer which is intertwined with the core fiber board, it leaves no gap for moisture. You do not need to expense for a moisture barrier.

Easy installation

Installation of laminate flooring is fast and easy. Modern laminate floors have interlock system that attach to each other like puzzle game. Also it is easy to remove. If water spills from utensils dropped on the floor, you don’t have to worry much. If the floor get bubbled or damage, then also you have option to remove only the affected area.


Wood is a organic material which brings nature closer to you. Good quality laminate floor do not emits green house gas like carbon-di-oxide and carbon monoxide. Instead it refreshes the air naturally. Woods are always valuable and reusable. So after its service period you can use this in other work. Laminate flooring has less weight compared to hardwood floor. So its ecological benefit is that it saves the money of transportation.


The prime concern is budget. Compared to other flooring it is less costly. The good sign is that it saves the maintenance cost of your flooring.


With Laminate flooring you can feel the texture of hardwood floor in your kitchen. If you want more creative touch, today’s modern technology and printing allows your laminate flooring to mimic the look you want.

Floor Help from Action Tesa

Enhancing the glamour of your home décor is based on few factors. One is obviously Flooring. People first notice the floor of your home when they entered and then judge the whole decoration. Some homeowners tend to add sophistication in their home décor which secretly inform the visitors about the choices of the owner, and they love to be credited with appraisal. As, wood is a trendsetting aspect in interior designing, they prefers wooden flooring to add sophistry to their floor. This flooring solution is helpful for buyers, as wood matches to any decoration and furniture. Installing Hardwood floor is huge expensive, which may transform your bank-balance reduced to zero. Action Tesa HDF laminated wood gives solution to your flooring. With the help of Action Tesa, you can achive the look of natural Hardwood floor.

Floor Help from Action Tesa

What is HDF laminate?

The acronym of HDF board originates from High Density Fiber. Actually it is a man-made wood with the mixture of fiber and wood surplus and stronger than the natural plywood or timber.

Action Tesa Laminated boards are consisted of essentially four layers and actually six layers. Among the four essential layers, on the top, there is an overlay of transparent layer which protects the printed layer. This is a melamine wear layer. It is infused with aluminum oxide coated tissue under heat and pressure which makes the floor resistant to scratches, burn and stains. After that, it is immersed in resin. After that, come to the decorative print layer, which is the second layer of this composition. It enhances the hue and appeal of the floor where pattern and design is created. The third layer or the core layer is the HDF board with varying sizes and ranges. It is the thickest layer comprises of easy interlocking system like a jigsaw puzzle. At the last there is a backing layer which reinforces the entire structure.

The primary concerns of buyers about Action Tesa HDF Laminated floor

  • Maintenance and repairing cost

Due to the transparent plastic layer, laminated floor attracts less dust compared to real hardwood floor. This melamine coating does not allow dust and liquid to penetrate further. For this reason the chance of getting damage is prevented, though it requires a minimal maintenance. A regular vacuuming can holds the shine for 10-15 years. In order to add a high gloss, waxing improves the quality.
If any plank of the floor gets damaged, you need not to remove the entire floor. Instead, just replace the affected plank with a matching one. It is easy to replace by yourself because of its easy interlocking system. It saves your money for calling an expert. For this purpose, we recommend you to buy some extra matching planks for the high trafficking areas.

  • Durability

Apply Action Tesa’s HDF laminated floor in the high foot trafficking areas undoubtedly. Its resin coated layer protects the floor from scratches made by stiletto heels, nails of carpenters, dog’s claws, sharp edges of furniture, pushup toys of children. 

  • Appearance

With the help of modern printing technology this brand offers you various patterns and grains of wooden floor and it can simulates the appearance of other material.