Types of Wooden Flooring

If you are planning to build a house and want to make it more aesthetically pleasing, then you must go for wooden flooring rather than the tiled or marbled ones.

Types of Wooden Flooring

But venturing into wooden flooring without much knowledge can be intimidating. Thank goodness, for Action Tesa who is here to provide us with every type of detailed information; from wooden flooring to the laminating ones and everything in between.

In today’s blog we shall be talking about the most basic concept of wooden flooring, i.e its types:

  1. Solid hardwood:

This kind of floorings are made of 100% real wood and might be a little heavy on the pocket. Nevertheless, the solid hardwoods would serve as a pricey décor piece for your house. It also increases the resale value of your property. The installation process of solid hardwoods can be tricky and requires the expertise of a pro. Since it is made from real wood it is hardy and durable, but it reacts easily reacts to moisture in the air and may undergo several contractions and expansions. It is available in several shades and you also have options to choose from pre-finished or unfinished wooden planks.

  1. Engineered hardwood:

This is the most popular type of flooring in the list. It is not entirely made from solid wood and is not as durable like the solid hardwood floorings, but it too adds a good resale value to your home. Engineered hardwoods have two basic layers punched together: One of solid wood and another of a durable plywood. It has the capability to remain stable in humidity more than solid hardwoods and can be installed easily.

  1. Laminated wooden flooring:

This kind of wooden flooring is the easiest and cheapest of all to be installed and maintained. It is artificially manufactured and mostly consists of four layers. The lowermost layer which is called the ‘back up layer’ prevents the absorption of moisture and provides strength and support to the board. Above it is the core layer which can be made of high-density fiber (HDF) or medium density fiber (MDF) plank. The second layer is the pattern layer or designer layer that gives the floor attractive looks and makes it more realistic. On the top is a wear and tear layer, which serves as a protective layer to prevent the board from suffering any sort of damage due to daily usage.


The Best Flooring Options for Long Lasting Appearance

A best home will look more attractive and decorative if you choose right flooring option. Flooring plays a significant role both for you and your family’s comfort. In terms of investment, if you select right flooring option you do not need to worry about the future maintenance cost too. Below are some popular flooring options, which you can install in your home as per your room’s requirement.

The Best Flooring Options for Long Lasting Appearance

Hardwood Flooring: It is the best combination of looks and robustness, as it rarely contains any additional flooring material apart from wood scratch. There are several options in design which includes Pecan, Cherry, Beech, Oak, Maple, Pine, Hickory, Walnut and many more. This flooring is highly durable, water resistant along with less expensive both in installation and maintenance.

Cork Flooring: This flooring is a great choice if you want a best walking and standing floor for crowded area, play area in your home. It offers natural colors, size and patterns along with best liquid absorb feature. As it do not insulate oil stains easily, it is advisable not to use Cork Flooring in kitchen. Compare to other flooring options, you find it very costly. They also require replacement in every 5 years if not maintained properly.

Bamboo Flooring: Renowned in the western countries, it is “green flooring” option. It is available in natural tan and brown color. Compare to hardwood, it is naturally produced as a grass and could be darken if used in a room where direct sunlight is present. Bamboo Flooring should be more durable, elegant in look only if not met with the water surface. They are either available in horizontal or vertical plank pieces, when you ask for design possibility.

Ceramic Tile:  If your priority is “waterproofing” then you should install ceramic tiles in your home. It comes with a glossy finish which can be used in indoor flooring and can stand against water, so one can install them in outdoor area too. However, it can be easily damaged due to the heavy object fall and it is quite hard to replace only the affected area, compare to complete flooring. Additionally, it is available in matte finish, embossed, glazed and textured ones for anti slip property.

Vinyl, Rubber and Carpet Flooring: Vinyl sheets are extremely water resistant and are easily installed. These sheets can be maintained easily, but contact to fire or heat can damage them. With ease of installation and maintenance, it can be installed in bathroom or indoor area.  Rubber flooring is specially used in kid’s area, but due to cushioning materials it is also used in home gyms and play area. If cleaned on a regular basis, it can last long without any problem. Carpet Flooring is generally used in decoration for living rooms and lobby area.

On the ending note, apart from room decorum, one should also keep in mind if any family member is allergic to any of above given flooring options and choose flooring as per the needs.

Best Rooms for Laminated Hardwood Flooring

Looking for particular flooring for each room is a good decision to increase value, both in your image and your floor. Today, there are several flooring options that fits budget and you just need to visit the market to use the money wisely. Perfect investment will add life to your floors and there’s no need to worry about the durability, functionality and visual impressions. To provide a detailed suggestion, below are some main suggestive key points:

Main hall and Living Room: Living room and Main Halls are prone to heavy footfall compared to other part of your home. These areas require more durability as they are your relaxing and entertaining section. Not only decoration, but you need high strength and quality flooring for these rooms. Depending on the requirement, the choices are very limited to Laminated Flooring and low cost vinyl, so that you need not worry about the stains and dent. Carpet will be easier to install and hassle free flooring option. While hardwood delivers class and style, laminate does the same job in the pocket friendly budget.

Bedroom and Dining Room: Gorgeous look, perfect eye catching view and heavy traffic all are the basic question when you think about the dining area. The first impression is the last impression on any guest about your home interiors. On the other hand, bedroom means comfort and relaxation where you can go with Harwood Flooring option for both Dining and Bedroom, you can choose between Carpet, Cork, Bamboo and Laminate Flooring for the bedroom.

Restrooms and Kitchen: One should not forget the moisture in the kitchen and humidity present in the bathroom. They both need a floor not only best in style, but water logging concerns, especially in the bathroom. On the other side, both needs to maintain and clean time to time. One should consider the Ceramic or Porcelain Tiles as they can deal with water excess condition and textured tile make an anti slippery floor in the bathroom too.  These flooring are also easy to clean and comes in a wide range of creative designs.

Basement and Dining Rooms: Basement is just not a storage area; it can be used as a Games Room, Kids Play Room and a place where things are messed up everywhere. You cannot forget the humidity below the ground floor too. On the overall calculations, you will find that engineered Wood Flooring, Ceramic Tiles and Vinyl sheets fulfill the requirements.

Apart from the design, strength and durability, you cannot ignore maintenance and installation part. Each flooring option requires special installation mechanism and proper care, which again add great look in your home.

Home Flooring Ideas and Inspiration

Laminated Hardwood Flooring is going to be a strong option as compared to hardwood flooring and ceramic tiles. However, there are several benefits of installing this flooring, yet there are few precautions. It is always advisable that one should go through entire needs and requirements for the installation of Laminate Hardwood Flooring in your home. One should not forget that nothing is perfect and there is always an other side of the coin too. This flooring provides durability, versatile functionality, wide variety of designs, yet this flooring cannot withstand moisture as it is developed by a combination process of organic compound mixture, which is quite harmful to health.

Home Flooring Ideas and Inspiration

Many manufacturers promote Laminate Hardwood Flooring to install in any area of your home. They provide warranty against scratches, dullness, spill proof and zero maintenance. These features are enough to catch your eyes, and this is why today it is popular in flooring. Homebuyers can install these flooring on a tight budget without the fear of maintenance cost compared to hardwood flooring. Many similar hardwood designs are available in these varieties along with the feature of textured imprint. Different design would improve the interior of Living Room, main area and textured imprint will present anti slippery surface for your bathrooms too. It is best suitable option for the regular usage in your basement, parking and garage where durability is the main concern with long lasting life. Apart from that there is a thin layer of laminate which fights against water stains and dents, and thus make it an easy to clean product. Compared to Hardwood, it can be installed in planks which are joined together and in case one piece is broken, the same can be replaced easily.

Though all these points have painted rosy picture of this flooring, but there are few grey areas as well.

As this flooring is installed in pieces, in case one piece is damaged, you need to replace it and new piece will not guarantee the same old look. The replacement can leave scratches on other pieces too, which lead to change the entire flooring.  There is a warranty card with every Laminate Hardwood Flooring, but it comes with some conditions. Direct contact to sunlight will dull the floor color and visual impression. Mopping is another problem, which could swell and wrap the floor by the corners.

On the ending note, Laminated Flooring is in trend due to its various features in affordable price. Now, it is upon homebuyers where they install this flooring.

Are Laminate Wooden Floors the Right Choice for You

If you are planning to invest a handsome part of your income in flooring with a thought that it should last long, you should finalize the decision on Laminated Hardwood Flooring. Today, Laminate Wooden Flooring is the best least expensive flooring option in the market covering all the major characteristics of the flooring. To explain the major difference you can go through on some main important milestone set by Hardwood Flooring.

Are Laminate Wooden Floors the Right Choice for You

Budget Friendly: One main thing the buyers love in flooring is the price. Compare to solid wooden flooring, this could cost you less than half price. This means that you can cover more floors by installing Laminate Wooden Flooring, with the same durability, looks and performance of wooden floor. The economical price will help you to use the extra money on other household things.

Versatile Performance: Laminate Wooden Flooring gives you all around presentation in terms of designs, long lasting feature within your pocket. You can select any one design from oak, maple, cherry or imprint photographic image as per your choice on them. You can install them in your Parking Area, Bedroom, Kids Area and they will also stay perfect in shape over the years just like other hardwood floors. Laminate Wooden Floorings are made up by some special coatings to focus on the allergic condition of some house members (if allergic in past). Apart from that they are stain and fade free, which help you to install them in your kitchen and bathroom.

Ease of Installation: The Laminate Wooden Flooring is easier to install compared to other flooring options which require lots of manpower and time to arrange in your floor. Less manpower will help to save money so that you can think of other interior options. Even you can install these flooring planks with the help of some “Do It Yourself” kits for normal floors. Wooden Flooring requires more professional interaction compared to Laminate Wood and thus hit our budget too.

Painless Maintenance: Yet it cost less and provides all the features of Wooden Flooring but you need not to worry about the maintenance cost, which could be a crucial part of the flooring. Laminate Flooring comes with the trouble free handling from termites, leakage; dislocate position of planks and scratches. They will provide you the same strength of wood; build quality like stones and durability like Hardwood. Scratches made by movement of furniture will not affect the visuals.

In nutshell, all the above mentioned features including its affordability make Laminated Flooring first choice among home buyers.

5 Good Reasons to Install Laminate Flooring in Your Home

Laminated flooring is getting recognition in construction due to its design, durable and less expensive nature or installation. When compared to other flooring options you will get a more suitable design as per the requirements. It is well known in western countries and due to its quality and low maintenance, it is becoming famous in other courtiers too.  Let’s have a detailed explanation about its characteristics:

  • Resistance Quality: Compare to other flooring materials, resistant quality of Laminate Flooring is much better. In some cases manufacturers provide around 10 to 25 year warranty against the color fading, extremely resistant to dirt and stains along with anti moisture feature.
  • Effortless Installation: With the available tongue and groove, you can effortlessly install the Laminate Flooring by placing the planks altogether. They come with glueless installation, so that you just need to cut them, need to arrange the planks as per your requirement and after walking some steps on it or by placing heavy items (like furniture), they will be ready for use. 
  • Robustness: You will find additional durability in these flooring as they have the laminate base. Laminate base provided additional strength, so that you can use them for many years without any trouble. Other flooring might face problem related to crack in between and due to heavy footfall they might not withstand the force, in comparison to Laminate Flooring.
  • More Design With Simple Maintenance: As Laminate flooring is developed using the wood fiber and wood waste, you can find many design options and due to laminate base they will add additional polish to them. Many manufacturers, offers a wide variety of dark shades as well as a light gesture for your floor. Laminate flooring also comes with hassle free maintenance. You can use just simple water along with soap to clean the floor, a little scrub will add an additional look in your flooring.
  • Fits in Your Pocket: Although there are many available designs and manufacture offers warranty too, yet the price is not much higher compare to traditional flooring. Apart from the buying price, you need not to worry about the refurnishing charges too. Hardwood flooring needs to be replaced from time to time along with vinyl changes, but Laminate flooring comes with the wood fiber look and laminate base will provide additional durability.

In the nutshell, kids playing with their toys and dog running with dirty paws are not a problem with laminated wooden flooring. This flooring is perfect for growing households and busy families.

Why to Choose Action Tesa for Laminate Flooring?

In today’s tech era, people want everything neat and clean. The trend is the same reason for the invention of Laminated Flooring. It is developed by a process of laminate over wood/ synthetic fiber (sometimes stone) along with a photographic image, for a better look. When compared to other natural flooring option, it is very less expensive, as developed using synthetic fiber and is easy to install. You can select as per your choice from a wide variety. There’s a universal EN 13329:2000 (European) standard, which specify several testing methods used for Laminate Flooring usage and requirements.

Action Tesa is also working in the same area, to provide better durability Laminate Flooring along with zero maintenance and effortless installation process. They offer a wide range according to your usage of the floor.  The flooring is constructed using a four layer structure starting from a base of durable plastic to deal with high pressure. After that there is a High Density Fiber Board (HDF) / Synthetic fiber to stabilize the pressure, which is developed using pulped waste and chips extracted from wood fiber. Additionally, there is a photographic pattern layer which usually contains wood grain and papers for the decoration. To avoid burs, stains, scratches and resistant on the surface, they install Aluminum Oxide protection sheet.

You can choose any one flooring options from Action Tesa HDF Flooring range as per your requirements.

  • Endura:  This flooring option is developed for better endurance and durable experience in crowded areas (Corporate Offices, Cafes, Showrooms, Retail Outlet).
  • Elite: This comes along with a synchronized embossed texture to make sure the floor looks like a real world, mostly for decoration purpose.
  • Handscraped & Herringbone: Handscraped Flooring mainly delivers deeper and richer rustic surface look, which ensures calmness texture along with elegance.  Herringbone Flooring helps you to provide an authentic look with traditional floor pattern.
  • King Size: To cover a large area, you can go with this flooring option. It can be available in many shades for the excellent finish in Banquets, Auditorium, and Airport Lounges, etc.
  • Essenza: This will be used in domestic application for the consistent daily footfall. You can opt many choices for your Bedroom/ Family Room/ Hotels Room.
  • Argentum & Platina: For the high durability with excellent finish in medium footfall you can go to Argentum Range. For the heavy footfall area you can select the Platina Range.

In the end, most of these wooden flooring are 2000 & 4000 RC Abrasion Test certified as per EN 13329, famous for scratch resistance.

Top 5 Reasons Why Laminated Wooden Flooring is an Excellent Choice

You might have heard of laminate flooring, which is vastly being used. This multi-layer synthetic flooring product has come a long way, making it popular flooring option. It has maintained the status as the staple go-to wood flooring for residential use. This flooring offers homeowners the same look as of hardwood. Nowadays, it is available in different styles and that too in affordable price. In addition to this, the flooring has gained popularity because it is easier to install and maintain as compared to traditional surfaces such as hardwood flooring. It requires less skill to install and costs less than alternative flooring materials. Below mentioned are reasons why you should go with laminated flooring:

Top 5 Reasons Why Laminated Wooden Flooring is an Excellent Choice

  1. Realistic look and feel

If you love the look of hardwood but can’t afford that project, laminate flooring is good option for you. It offers similar look to hardwood and is affordable. In past, there was possibility that people may recognize this flooring was fake, but with technological advances it is now difficult to tell the difference. It reproduces the look of Hardwood flooring with coloring, grains and locking systems providing realistic feel and look.

  1. Easier to maintain and clean

This type of flooring is blend of natural wood with less added maintenance. It is easier to clean because its wear layer is resistant to staining and spills, thus easy to clean. It is designed to save your time in cleaning as it can be swept and mopped.

  1. Exceptional Value

If one is tight on budget but looking for something with exceptional value, this flooring is what you want. It is best hardwood alternative for homeowners and will fit in your budget.

  1. Versatile and good option for many rooms

Laminate flooring is versatile and can be installed in any room of your house including those rooms that receive heavy traffic, such as living room and entryways. It is good choice for kitchens, main living areas, offices and dens. As hardwood is not good option for bathrooms, due to risk of water damage, but this flooring can be used in these rooms as well. It can withstand water splashes and humid climate. However, it can resist water damage, but it is not good idea to leave water drops on it for long time.

  1. Family and pet-friendly

This flooring is durable while being pet and family-friendly. During lamination process of pressure and heat, its layers are locked to one another to enhance stability and strength. Its top thin, transparent wear layer is strong and scratch resistant and protects it’s from stains, wear and fading. Additionally, it also resists UV fading.

On the ending note, now it’s obvious why this flooring is popular among homeowners today. The possibilities are endless but if you want something hot that will last for long, laminated wooden flooring is for you.

The Advantage of Wooden Flooring For Homes

Flooring is a significant part of constructing your dream house. The type of flooring can make or break the impression of your home. In India, we find that people are no longer settling with the plain old cemented flooring. People have in hand numerous flooring options like marbles, tiles, mosaic and many more. So why settle for less?

But, what if I tell you that among all these flooring possibilities it is wooden flooring that has an edge? Doubtful, eh? Okay to convince you to consider wooden flooring as a promising investment, let me lay down some of its advantages. Come and have a look yourself:

  • Worthy of your money: If you invest in wooden flooring, it increases the value of your home. If you ever think of reselling it, you will be paid a fair price. Wood ages like fine wine and therefore it would never slash down the price of your home.
  • Time-less beauty: Wood never goes out of fashion. While the floors of other homes may be influenced with the rising trend, your house would continue to have a royal look.
  • Durability: Wooden floors are sturdy and require very low maintenance. A good sweep or proper vacuuming is all that is needed to keep them clean. Wooden Floors do require polishing after a while, but is not much costly in comparison to the joy of having a beautiful home.
  • Versatile: Various kinds of wood for flooring are available in the market. Not only this, they are available at affordable prices. They come in assorted colours and can be polished accordingly. Woods are so versatile that they complement both traditional and modern architecture. You can even choose between polished or unpolished material, and use them for specific purposes.
  • Winter homes: Wooden flooring provides an internal warmth to the house and therefore it is ideal for homes in cold places. It is only wooden flooring that can provide you such coziness within four walls.
  • Hygienic: Since wood are a natural product they are non-electromagnetic and thus attract less dust. So, it will not only keep your home clean but also keep away germs and allergies that usually accompany dust particles.
  • Aesthetic beauty: Wood is environment friendly. It soothes your senses and give you a feeling of living among nature.

When you choose the flooring of your house, you must do so wisely because it is indeed a one-time investment. Reasons like excessive cost or pricey maintenance might divert your mind from investing into wooden flooring, but remember that the pros are much higher than the cons. Wooden flooring adds both economic and aesthetic value to your home, and will stay with you for generations.

Connect with Action Tesa and choose wooden flooring to give your dream abode a classy and graceful touch.

Types of Wooden Flooring and Their Different Features

Wooden Flooring is an environment friendly option and has been a popular choice in both Indian and Western markets. This flooring trend has caught the eyes of many builders and home owners as it provides a very rich, elegant, comfortable and catchy look. Now a days, different varieties of wooden flooring options of different levels of quality are available in the market.

There are mainly three types of wooden flooring which are available in the market.

1) Solid Hardwood Flooring

As the name says, solid hardwood flooring is a single piece of wood that is milled from solid lumber. It is a natural and organic flooring option that comes in a variety of finishes including lacquered and oiled wood. In this, the option of unfinished wood is also available which can be stained and finished according to one’s personal taste. As it is made from hardwoods which are gorgeous and durable, these floors are prized worldwide for their natural good looks and patina. However, these are more expensive than other types of wood flooring.

2) Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered wood are like solid hardwood itself with the exception of instead of one solid piece of wood this contains thinner layer of solid wood on the top backed up byseveral plies of wood which are cross layered, glued and pressed together to form a plank or MDF ( medium density fiber board). The layers in it are arranged in a manner so that the grains run perpendicularly. Due to this arrangement, the odds of wood swelling up or shrinking drop intensely.It has low price compared to solid wood flooring. From the surface it looks like a solid wood and has more structural stability as compared to solid hardwood and isextremely stable.

3) Laminated Wooden Flooring

Laminated wooden floorings are medium density fiberboards (MDF) that are made from compressing saw dust with bonding agent.These are not the actual wood and are the most economical option. One can get a good wood-like finish using laminated wooden flooring. It is made of a composite material which is finished with an image of wood. It is a good option for those who don’t want to spend more on flooring. As it’s made from durable composite which resists damage making it an easy-care flooring option.

Wooden flooring has many advantages which include ability to provide a rich look, insulation properties, ease of installation, temperature moderation in extreme weather conditions, anti-skid properties etc. Regular moping with wet cloth is permissible, however any water seepage will damage it and hence is not advisable for kitchen and bathrooms.