Floor Help from Action Tesa

Enhancing the glamour of your home décor is based on few factors. One is obviously Flooring. People first notice the floor of your home when they entered and then judge the whole decoration. Some homeowners tend to add sophistication in their home décor which secretly inform the visitors about the choices of the owner, and they love to be credited with appraisal. As, wood is a trendsetting aspect in interior designing, they prefers wooden flooring to add sophistry to their floor. This flooring solution is helpful for buyers, as wood matches to any decoration and furniture. Installing Hardwood floor is huge expensive, which may transform your bank-balance reduced to zero. Action Tesa HDF laminated wood gives solution to your flooring. With the help of Action Tesa, you can achive the look of natural Hardwood floor.

Floor Help from Action Tesa

What is HDF laminate?

The acronym of HDF board originates from High Density Fiber. Actually it is a man-made wood with the mixture of fiber and wood surplus and stronger than the natural plywood or timber.

Action Tesa Laminated boards are consisted of essentially four layers and actually six layers. Among the four essential layers, on the top, there is an overlay of transparent layer which protects the printed layer. This is a melamine wear layer. It is infused with aluminum oxide coated tissue under heat and pressure which makes the floor resistant to scratches, burn and stains. After that, it is immersed in resin. After that, come to the decorative print layer, which is the second layer of this composition. It enhances the hue and appeal of the floor where pattern and design is created. The third layer or the core layer is the HDF board with varying sizes and ranges. It is the thickest layer comprises of easy interlocking system like a jigsaw puzzle. At the last there is a backing layer which reinforces the entire structure.

The primary concerns of buyers about Action Tesa HDF Laminated floor

  • Maintenance and repairing cost

Due to the transparent plastic layer, laminated floor attracts less dust compared to real hardwood floor. This melamine coating does not allow dust and liquid to penetrate further. For this reason the chance of getting damage is prevented, though it requires a minimal maintenance. A regular vacuuming can holds the shine for 10-15 years. In order to add a high gloss, waxing improves the quality.
If any plank of the floor gets damaged, you need not to remove the entire floor. Instead, just replace the affected plank with a matching one. It is easy to replace by yourself because of its easy interlocking system. It saves your money for calling an expert. For this purpose, we recommend you to buy some extra matching planks for the high trafficking areas.

  • Durability

Apply Action Tesa’s HDF laminated floor in the high foot trafficking areas undoubtedly. Its resin coated layer protects the floor from scratches made by stiletto heels, nails of carpenters, dog’s claws, sharp edges of furniture, pushup toys of children. 

  • Appearance

With the help of modern printing technology this brand offers you various patterns and grains of wooden floor and it can simulates the appearance of other material.


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