Top 5 Points Consumers Concern About Laminated Flooring

Laminated flooring has acquired the heart of buyers due to its presentable look in affordable price. As per common psychology, we want to invest the low price product which will fulfill all the requirements. According to a survey of compare and contrast of flooring products – Stone tiles are durable and has great finishing, but less creative. Also the price is high; Ceramic tiles are creative in shapes and look but less durable and costly. Hardwood flooring is less durable and cannot mimic different looks like laminated flooring. Also, it is expensive. Gathering all the points laminated flooring is more equipped with three points – consumer-friendly price, Durable, Creative look. There are some certain features which will drive you more inclined to the laminated flooring.

Laminated Flooring

Eco-friendly : Laminate flooring provides lower carbon footprint than the hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring shows carbon footprint due to the harvesting and transportation. Unlike the other wooden floor it does not expand due to the fall of temperature as the materials in the sub-layers are interlocked with each other. Apart from this, you can reuse the laminate flooring after its service period, as it recycles.

Versatility : With the help of modern printing technique Laminate flooring can provide every flavour of flooring you want. It can replicate the texture of hardwood, stone or ceramic tiles. It gains acceptability from the consumers due to its articulation property.

Cleaning : In comparison to other floors laminated floor is easy to clean and wash. A damp mop is enough to wash and clean. Also you can add some home cleaner available in the market. Unlike the hardwood flooring it does not get damage due to the spill of water or create bubble on the surface of the floor. It is resistant of any stains, sun exposure and scratches. So The less expense and labour in the maintenance creates a fondness among consumers.

Easy Installation : One of the reasons for its vast adaptability is the easy installation process. Unlike the other flooring it does not take 10-12 days time to sit and acclimate. You do not need to paste adhesive with the layers. Technology makes it easy for you. Just spread a sheet where the materials of sub-layers are already seamed. Then put the planks according to their design. Normally it will take 2-3 days to sit and acclimate to the temperature.

Health : If you have kids and oldies in your family, then heal is a concern issue for you. Laminated flooring has a anti-bacterial coating layers which prevents the growth of any bacteria and worms. It does not emit any green house gas and VOC free.


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