The Reasons You Choose Laminate Flooring

You should go for a floor which combines the aesthetic beauty as well as user friendly features. Laminate floor offers versatile look with great functionality and an affordable range of price. It has a warm touch of hardwood floor. It simulates every quality of a natural wood which can be fool anyone’s eyes.


Laminate floor is man made wooden plank made of six layers depending on the manufacturer. It is infusued with fiber and wooden planks. There is an external hard plank on the top layer coated with resins. The external layer or the décor panel has copied the look of solid wood or tiles. The manufacturer can give it any look they want with the help of modern printing technology. For instance, you can get concrete floor or ceramic tiles virtually with the printing technilogy. Even you cannot distinguish between the real and the artificial. You do not need to be afraid of discoloration because its ultra ptotective layer is sun proof and water proof. The resistance power depends on the quality of the brand. You can cover every room, kitchen, bathroom, staircase with laminate floor. As stair case bears much wear and tear, it has chance to crack or floated. But with Action tesa laminate floor you can rely on easily. Action Tesa HDF laminated board has high density and it is perfect for bathroom and kitchen for its high moisture resistant quality. Wiith the assurance of scratch free feature you can install it in your children’s room. Children have natural tendency to scroll push up toys and often they play with pets. Laminate can stand up any scratch, any dent by push up toys or pet’s claw.

Maintaining of laminate floor is easier in comparison to the Hardwood. Vacuuming of once in a week is best for preserving the brand-new shine of the floor. Though, a regular mopping is enough for cleaning. The antistatic property of Action Tesa’s laminated board draws less dust. Moreover, it has an ultra protective layer which obstructs the termites and other house worms. It is suitable for kids and oldies oldies who have allergy.

The user friendly installation is one of the reasons to choose this floor. Modern technology offers you easy interlock system where planks are placed side by side like a jigsaw puzzle. You can add or separate planks by own. It does not need to be glued or sanded. It saves your expense of hiring any expert.


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