Compare Laminate Flooring with Engineered Wood


If we look from the viewpoint of a buyer we find the laminate floor and engineered wood look almost same, mimics the texture of real hardwood. What matters to them in time of buying is the cost of the product. As both are cheaper than the natural hardwood, so buyers often are tossed between choices. It is necessary to educate them about the product before they buy and help them with clear conceptions why they are choosing that.

What is Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered wood is consists of a real hardwood or natural wood on the top layer and it is called Lamella. It is the soul part of the floor which generates the real hardwood finish. Its core part is made of different types of wood materials or plywood. The best part is, it resists more contradiction and expansion compared to the solid wood.

What is Laminate Flooring

Laminate floor is a synthetic product made up of five to six layers depending upon its brand. It has a hard external layers and the core part is made of fiber boards. Fusing of different ply-woods, fiberboards and foams make it resistant to moisture. Its intertwined fiber and wooden materials prevents expansion in climate change.


Now, the question comes what will be the better choice between Laminate and Engineered wood in terms of usability, Money, looks, ease of installation, maintenance.


Generally Laminate floor costs lower than the Engineered wood. Engineered wood is slightly higher in price due to its natural hardwood layer in external part. The price varies considering the texture, quality and thickness of veneer. Laminate flooring is devoid of the solid wood layering, which makes it cheaper. Sometimes adding an additional layer to the subfloor for stability reduces the savings from expense at the beginning. Even Frequent replacement of laminate planks marginalizes the cost of buying engineered floor.

Ease of Installation

Laminate floor is quite distinguished in its easy installation method. It has been designed with interlock pattern like a puzzle game, which is easy to install and replace. Even the buyer himself can do the job. Also it takes 36 hours to sit and adjust with the temperature. In this respect, engineered wood takes time same as the hardwood. Installing method is difficult like hardwood. It needs to be glued or stapled by experts. Instead floating engineered wood can be installed but it includes risks.


Maintenance of Engineered floor in a regular basis is same as Laminate floor. A daily vacuuming and enhance its shine. Mopping with water can be injurious to the engineered wood. The hardwood veneer can be affected with the water spills and other liquids of cleaning. In terms of yearly maintenance, you cannot refinish the laminate what you can do with engineered wood.


Laminate floor is versatile in its appearance. It can mimic the look of hardwood floor, concrete, bamboo, ceramic tiles with the help of modern printing technology. Engineered wood only reflects the conventional look of wooden floor.


An Engineered wood lasts more than a laminate floor depending on the external layer. It can be re-sanded unlike laminate and after a decade you can revives it with a coating and re-vanish. It lasts almost 70 years where the laminate lasts 20 to 25 years.


Laminate floor is more resistant to water and sun rays. If you have pets and kids in your home, engineered wood is susceptible to surface scratches due to its hardwood top layer whereas laminate floor bears more wear and tear. As Laminate floor comprises of Strong external layers emerged in resins it can resist the scratch, stain and dent.


Laminate flooring and engineered flooring both are unique in its own sense and both have pros and cons. Considering upon your priorities you have to make decision of buying.


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