Laminate Flooring for Your Basements

Basement is the foundation of the building. The floor of basement is the heart and soul of the entire building. For this reason, the floor should be strong and it should act like a savior of the house. Many a house have no moisture protective barrier, most of the old houses which can hinder ground water. The ratio of water and soil may vary to different countries. Considering the location, laminate flooring is compatible to most places due to its high density water resistant board. What you fear for hardwood flooring, that if the moisture leaks beneath it starts to damage. Then you need to repair the whole floor of basement and shifting furniture to upward floor is a nuisance. Laminate floor is consisted of six layers. It has a strong external layers infused with resin and its core is made with fiber boards and wooden planks which does not soak moisture. So there is no chance of swelling in laminate floor.

Manufacturers now presents laminate floor with various designs and patterns. You can choose different shades of planks in affordable prize. It can mimic the appearance of stone or concrete floor and hardwood floor both. You get more user friendly features spending a lower price than these flooring. You can not differentiate its warm touch with natural wood. With laminate floor you can groom your basement room more acoustic. It is a pleasure when you arrange a gathering in your house on any festive or other occasion, your basement floor supports you a lot to fulfill the purpose. Also you do not think about the de-pigmentation, as this floor can stand up more wear and tear compared to Hardwood and vinyl flooring. Gathering an enormous people will not trouble to your home now. Because laminate floor can bears a lot of footfalls and high heels of women in stiletto does not ruin the floor.

Maintenance is easy. Vacuuming is the best for laminate. Even regular mopping can enhance its shine. You do not worry about the water spills too. Its uppers layer has high plasticity which does not allow water to penetrate. Shifting your furniture will be easy with the laminate floor as it has scratch resistant formula. Even in inclement weather laminate planks does not expand due to its intertwined fiber board and planks. It does not extend like natural wood. If your house is located at a high adversity location where drainage system is poor and your basement plunges into water due to high rainfall, then laminate floor gives you the solution. Add a vapour barrier before installing the laminate.

Another good aspect is that, this floor is easy to install. Modern laminate floor has interlock system. It features the easy and fast fitting of planks as in jigsaw puzzle. You do not need to glue or sand it. In case the plank is damaged, you can replace only the damaged plank instead of re-installing.


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