Why Wooden Floor is Best for Your Studio?

As we know sound of wooden floor is more natural, it is best for recording room of musicians, vocalists and instrument players. Wood absorbs the hollow sounds and vibrations from outsides. If you see the photos of studios, 99.9% of them are made of wood or a substitute of hardwood. But Hardwood floor costs huge and you need to put more effort and money to maintain it. Moreover Hardwood floor is a soft target for worms and termites. Understanding the location of the studio you need to decide which flooring will suit your budget and Utilization. If your studio is located near railway station or metro railway, you need to cover your floor with hardwood. Otherwise, Laminate floor is applicable for a recording studio. Though it occupies some terms and conditions. Suppose your studio is on the first floor of a building. So the footfalls make hollow sounds and create noise which makes your studio goes in vein.

The solution to this problem is so cost effective. You need to hire an expert who will float the floor replacing a resilient sublayer under the laminate. As studio gets more wear and tear than a regular home, carpets gets tattered by rough use. Recording studios need more calm and serene environment. In the other hand it gets more motions in small spaces due a list of necessary equipments, music instruments, a group of musicians and instrument players. Laminate floor is a so-so choice to avoid this cacophony. The reflective surface of laminate floor can bring pitfalls to your working experience. You can choose High density laminate floor (HDF Floor) to overcome this ordeal of sound reflection.

To give a good acoustic treatment within your budget you can embrace high quality carpets on your laminated floor. The worst thing of carpet is, it only absorbs the mid and high frequencies, leaving the low frequencies. Also you need to cover the wall with wooden cladding to make it sound proof. When budget is an issue, take help from an expert. He will guide you where to install laminate floor and where hardwood and carpets. Such as applying laminate floor in heavily traffic areas, using carpet where people seldom goes, installing hardwood where the recording is done.


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