Five Innovative Ideas to Beautify Your Home

Is your home decoration is challenged? Are you feeling bore to choose same designs you are accustomed with years? Then cultivate these five innovative ideas of home designing. Here I will discuss about the wooden flooring and cladding in your home, as wood can be paired with any other substances. The best thing about wood is, you can give it any shape to anywhere in your home, it will furnish your home.

Wood Cladding in Ceiling

Ceiling is rarely a noticeable part in your room but it can impact to the overall designs. Applying wooden cladding to the ceiling embossed in dark glued color gives your room the classic look of Tudor age. Adding a lowered hanging light will enhance the effect of ancient palace. The color of light should be matched with the home color. Drawing geometric shapes in the wooden cladding of your ceiling will attract the eyes of your guest definitely, but it depends upon the size of your room.

Wooden Cabinets, Flooring, Cladding in the Kitchen

Kitchen is the place where the ladies of your home spend most of the time. They cook and prepare dishes for the family regularly.  So decorating a kitchen with woods motivates them and releases their irritation of monotonous work. If you are a fitness freak then wooden floor is beneficial for your health too. It’s acoustic environment helps you to work with a relax mood. If you are not installing wooden floor for your kitchen, You can make it more innovative by purchasing wooden cabinets and cupboards to store the utensils and other ingredients of cooking.

Cladding on the Door

Appearance of door plays an important role in creating impressions in visitor’s mind. Adding a designer wooden door to your home will hurt your pocket a little but it will enhance the look of your entrance. High quality designer wood can Provides you style as well as protection of your room.

Cladding on the Wall

If your home becomes old apply wooden cladding to modernize its look. Wooden cladding has a royal appeal which absorbs the gloominess in your room. You will no longer feel monotonous between the four squares.  Moreover, it helps you to cover the flaws in your wall. If you have children, you would experience the natural tendency of them to draw on the wall. When you wish to renovate your home, You can hide the drawing with with wood cladding without expense much.


Wooden floor is now adopted by homeowners for its moderate look. Considering the expense and maintenance, Laminate flooring is preferable. With the modern printing technology Laminate flooring mimics every looks and designs real hardwood finish, concrete slabs, ceramic tiles, bamboo or cork finishing.


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