Know About Embossed HDF BOARD of Action Tesa

HDF board is basically high density fiber board ranges a density of 600-1450 kg/m³. It is widely appreciated for its strength, durability and affordability. Apart from that the product is eco-friendly, it holds the paints and curving and easy to handle because of its light weight. Action Tesa has launched an eccentric set of HDF Board apt for walls, ceiling and cladding of modern home. It projects a contemporary look on modern home decoration. Also, it indicates an acoustic improvement in the ambience of home.

Wallpaper :

Each room has different identity and vibe created by the homeowner’s personal choice. Though aesthetic beauty is significant, the décor of every room should be done keeping in mind the functionality of the room. After a hectic journey when you relax on your drawing room sofa or go to your bed after a day’s toil, the wall of your home communicates with you. They greet you with a warm inviting tone. Your walls are the one with whom you share your thought. They nourish your dream. They make you feel comfortable in their cosy-cocoons. Now wooden panel on the wall is latest in home decoration. Action Tesa launches Embossed HDF Board apt for your wallpaper. The raw embossed HDF wooden panel splashes into multiple colors and shades.

Ceilings :

Action Tesa HDF Board panel ceiling protects your room from moisture because the product has a solid core which is interlocked with fiber materials. So it neither absorbs water, nor expands. Wooden panel absorbs the hollow sounds and add an acoustic flavor to your room by reducing reverberation. Action Tesa embossed HDF board enhances the look of your ceiling. Action Tesa offers you 1)Pre-lam colored HDF panel @ Rs 1000 (for a sheet of 8ft x 4ft) & raw embossed HDF @ Rs 1000 (for a sheet of 8ft x 4ft). According to your selection of design and range of affordability Action Tesa will decorate your ceiling with Embossed HDF Pannel.

Cladding :

Cladding of door shutters, cupboards, Exterior walls is hot in fashion. Where wooden finish is so popular in the market, certainly the price is high. Action Tesa gives you solution of cladding with embossed HDF Board. It can mimics the textures of bricks, stones, ripples, geometric shapes, natural bark laminated in the wood of Highland Pine, Oak Cherry and Cambridge Oak. Embossed Hdf cladding will add warmth to your home saving your expenses from Hardwood cladding. Also it is durable and does not get damage by seasonal effect.


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