Select the Right Color for Your Flooring

Your identity is not only stick to your fingerprint, but also your choices. For instance, your choice of colors reveals much about you. Everyone seeks appreciation secretly about one’s choice. Choice is a mini testimonial of your personality which one wants to send others indirectly. Choosing of your floor color is a major concern because floor is the centre of attention in your home. There are some certain factors to concern while choosing the floor color.

Contrast the Color

In an endeavour to make your room looks clutter-free you should not opt for colors which easily mix and match with the furniture’s color. Suppose a cupboard in your dining room has ivory finishing and you chose the similar color in your dining room’s flooring. Just Imagine, how it will look? It will seem that the cupboard’s legs are immersed in the floor. So choose the color of contrast while installing lamination flooring.

Consider the Size of the Room

Choose the color of your floor considering the size of your room. Are you cramping for spaces in your study room? If yes, then choose light color for floor like beige, off-white, It will reflect the light scattering into your room & the room will appear a bit larger. As deep colors absorb light, choose dark colors for dining room or art room which occupies vast space. While choosing Royal red will ignite your floor with a sophisticated finish.

Conceal the Scratches

Maximum brands promises that their flooring is scratch resistant, but you should take precaution from your side, as prevention is better than cure. Use mat-finish color in the high traffic zone where your pets and children plays or you frequently shift furniture. Use the texture in the high traffic zone. If any scratch occurs there it will appear as it was before.

Lighting of the Room

When you choose your floor color, think about the lighting of the room. A black floor with low lighting from the ground will give your room a dramatic shade. And a dark room, which has not enough windows will bloom when you opt for light colors for flooring along with a light hanging from the ceiling of the room. A mirror will enhance the brightness of the room and hence the small room will look larger when you set a mirror in the room.


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