Why Homeowners Love Laminate Flooring

Laminated flooring provides various benefits, from affordable style to easy installation. This flooring made its debut in 1970.At that time, grooves and tongue had to be fixed together during floating installation. Since 1970, the radical changes have been made in manufacturing process and have now become most sought-after flooring. These days click lock technologies are used on laminate flooring. The floor is obtained from 4 layers which are pressed together using pressure of 300 to over 1300 pounds per square inch and heat. The floor comes in wide range of patterns and colors for existing décor. The flooring provides homemakers with various benefits such as affordable style, easy installation and more. Some of other factors due to which homemakers love this flooring are given below :

Wide Range of Selection

Laminated wooden flooring offers wide range of selection, so that homemakers can find any design and style as per living spaces. Its styles include domestic species, exotic wood species, porcelain tile, natural slate, narrow boards, wide boards and individual tiles.

Very Durable

Laminate flooring is very durable and can be used in high traffic areas as well. This flooring is also protected against UV rays and will not fade over time easily. Homeowners with pets and kids like durability of this flooring.

Easy to Install

Laminated wooden flooring can be installed easily, so easy that you can install it of your own. All the laminate floors come with simple click lock, which allows new laminate floor to be installed quickly and walked on it.

Easy Maintenance

Laminate Flooring is less expensive to maintain than other types of flooring. Its high quality construction and protective top layer protects floor against wear, moisture, staining and fading.

Environmentally Friendly

Known as ultimate copycat, laminate flooring is environmentally friendly and best choice for home. This floor is manufactured to mimic other flooring types at affordable rates.


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