I installed Laminated Flooring from Action Tesa

I have a sweet and lovable family extended with my in-laws. I was accustomed with floors of stone tiles since my marriage. So when we planned for a new home, I and my husband both were eager to install wooden floor in our dream home. We are such a couple who love to travel and explore. We both have passion for collecting antique articles, so when we go to historical places we first visit the curio shopping. We almost filled our home with wooden, bamboo or metalic show pieces like statue, vas, chair, gramophones, portrait and many other treasuries. He likes to stay in the mountain cottages of the vedic villages and I love to stay in the castles of kings, when we go for trip. The mutual thing we found that we both have fascination for wood. So we planned for the wooden flooring in our new home.

Our Experience

Few years back we visited one of his business client’s home in Dehradoon. It was ravishing due its wooden touch. We entered the house. The scent of fresh air of wooden house was warm and inviting. Then the floor draws our attention. Centre of the drawing room was covered with a beautiful red carpet. My little son was enthusiastic and playful in his natural habit, and couldn’t resist him when he met a boy of his age group. They started playing together. In the middle of their play they messed the room and the carpet was misplaced from the center. Then my husband noticed the unevenness of the floor. In the kitchen I also noticed few stains, bubbles in the corner of the floor. The homeowner said that some wood in the stair cases need to be removed, because they are damaged due the heavy rainfall in dehradoon. As it is located in hill region, so winter comes with a shivering cold. During winter the woods also expand and push up against one another. On our way back we thought a lot and discussed about that matter. My husband refused the plan of wooden floor and I became pale.

The Eureka Moment

One day I saw a wooden flooring advertisement in internet. I clicked it and found the brand Action Tesa. I came to know about the laminate flooring and ask for their review. I read some reviews. Then I requested my husband to install laminated wooden floor in our new house. My husband’s opinion was, “It is a risk of money investing without any practical experience”. I called Action Tesa and asked for remuneration. The cost of laminated flooring negated the fret over investing, as it was very affordable.

Services We Got

As we were doing it first time, a sense of doubt occupied us. With the course of time the doubt stopped growing, even uprooted from our mind. We loved the way action Tesa did their job. It took only 2-3 days to install the floor. The service person told us it will take only 36 hours to acclimate with my room’s temperature. It was so favourable for me because shifting with bag and baggage, especially when we have a kid is a tiresome job. As we had a short time in our hand, so we had to complete the shifting and settlement within a week. The very next day My son dragged his push-toys over the floor. That moment I felt a little bit palpitation. When I was telling the fact to my husband, he informed me that during the placing of the furniture it hurt the floor several times, but it did not get any crack or scratch. We used to spend our day-end in the drawing room where some of us sit in the floor with a cushion. One day my sister-in-law dropped nail-polish on the floor. My maid just rugged it with a damp mop, and the mark had vanished!

Our Present Condition

Now we are happy to embrace the laminated flooring. We haven’t experience any expansion of wood during winter and any damage or damp in rainy season. The service persons of Action Tesa gave us a guarantee period of 10 years and we have already experienced its moisture resistance in one and half year. Now our family extends with a cute kitten, though I have no headache of the scratches of its nails because of the Guarantee period of Action Tesa.


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