Issues and Solutions of the Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is most elegant choice of home decoration. It is in booming phase due to its durability, affordable price and its design. It can mimic almost every texture of flooring like marble, ceramic tiles, hardwood floor. It is always a smart choice for your home. Before installing this be aware of some issues regarding this flooring and its solutions.

Minor Scratches :

Laminate floor is highly durable and lasts for a long time, though scratches may be occurred in different situation. So you should always be handy with a set of wax crayon fillers. Match the color of the crayon with your floor. Clean the floor and apply the colors. If the scratch is severe then paste putty on the floor with a knife. Cut out the extra dough. After 1 hour add crayon to the putty.

Peaking :

The high chances of occurring peaking is in the joint area. In this situation, one plank pushes up against another plank. It happens due to the narrow space between wall and laminate floor. This happens due to the climate change, walking with high heels in the floor, playing with push toys in the floor. The plank expands a little and when it gets no space for its extended part, it pushes over another plank or wall. Then you ought to cut down a ¾ inches from the extended part.

Gapping :

Chances of gapping is very rare in laminate flooring, though it can appear in winter season due to the sudden fall of temperature. If the reading goes beyond the standard temperature gap can appear. So I will suggest you to choose the floor which can easily attuned with the temperature of your room before the installation.

Water Damage :

Water damage is a common problem in lamination flooring. Laminated floor has many layers. It has a hard external layer. The main board in the middle is coated with resin. If the water comes in contact with the sub-layers then damage can occur. If the water slips down into the layers it damages the board. When bubbles are visible in the plank then it gives you sign of damage. Simply replace the plank with an identical one. Instead of replacing you can use a hair dryer or heater to soak the water from the swelling part.

Replacement of Plank From Center :

Most of the time the damage occurs in the middle of the floor. It is best to cut it out instead of hiding it. You can do it by yourself too. Be handy with a saw, hammer, drill and wood glue.


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