Laminate Flooring Maintenance, Cleaning and Repair

Also known as floating wood tile, Laminate flooring is multi-layer synthetic flooring constructed in layers and fused together with lamination process. Its bottom layer is “backing”, and designed to resist moisture. Its inner core is made of high density fibreboard which increases durability and enhance moisture resistance. This type of flooring was designed as an affordable alternative to hardwood. But these types of floors require special kind of maintenance to keep their shine. To make your floor shining, follow the below given tips:

Laminate Flooring Maintenance, Cleaning and Repair

Basic Maintenance

Use soft bristle broom, dust mop or vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and dust on regular basis. For slightly damp cleaning, spray cleaner onto cotton, microfiber mop or terrycloth. Avoid wet-mop cleaning with liquid cleaners or water.

Quick Step doormat

Keep quick-step doormat at the entrance of your home which will help to avoid unnecessary damage to your floor. Mat loosens the dirt such as grit is already removed from shoes. This means laminate floor will look like new for years. Don’t forget to place door mats in high-traffic areas, which is effective way to reduce wear.

Protect from UV rays

Protect laminate flooring from excessive heat of direct sunlight and UV rays by using protective window coverings. Additionally, rearrange furniture and rugs to help floor age evenly. In inclement weather, avoid exposing floor to water.

Repair work

If there is minor damage, fix it with repair kit. For example, with repair kit you can fine-tune the color to match it with damaged plank.

Cleaning tips

To deep clean laminate floor, use steam mop occasionally. Not daily, because use of steam can cause laminate to buckle. Window cleaner can be used occasionally for spills but over-use of ammonia can damage protective sealant.

Avoid use of vinegar

Vinegar is acidic, which isn’t best option for laminate surface. But many people use little bit of vinegar and hot water to remove pet grime. If it is used in abundance, it can remove protective seal of floor.

Extra Protection

Use protective pads under heavy furniture and high quality floor mats for extra layer of protection.


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