Choose right colour for Laminate Flooring in Kitchen

Nowadays, there is wide range of flooring options to choose from for home. From carpeting to tile to wood to concrete, there is unprecedented range of flooring than ever before. Not only there are various materials to choose from, but there are number of styles, patterns, colors and textures as well. With so many options available, it is hard to choose right option for kitchen. However, people prefer laminate flooring for kitchen because this type of flooring uses picture of stone, wood or other materials. To help you to choose right flooring, here’s guide for you:

Decide whether you want to accent cabinetry color

If your kitchen has stainless steel appliances and cherry cabinetry, then laying laminate in cherry wood finish can make kitchen look dark. If you choose lighter natural wood, then it will clash with cherry. In this case, choose lighter wood with distressed finish. In case, you have light maple cabinetry, choose dark onyx floors. If kitchen has vintage white cabinetry and maple accents, lay maple wood flooring to complement the accents.

Consider lighting and size of kitchen

Bright lights and light colors make space appear larger whereas low lighting and dark colors make spaces look smaller. The color choice will also be influenced by size of your kitchen and how much light it receives. If you have small kitchen with big window, you can use darker finishes without making kitchen appear miniscule. On other hand, if you have giant kitchen with lot of light, you can opt to use lots of whites and bright colors.

Tone you want to create in kitchen

Most of the people prefer high end elegance in kitchen, while others want kitchen to be light. The color you choose for flooring is going to have a lot to do with the kind of tone you want to create in kitchen. So, analyze what atmosphere you want and choose color accordingly.


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