Choosing the best Color of Laminated Flooring for Your Kitchen

Kitchen is heart of home – a place where cooking is done, family gathers and food is shared. So, in this place, the floor should be strong which can bear dropped utensils, heavy foot traffic and spills as well. Kitchen’s floor, besides being durable, should be stylish, warm and inviting as well. The floor selected affects other element of design and with variety of colors, materials and textures available today, there are endless choices. But, laminated wooden flooring is highly in demand these days. So, below given are few tips to keep in consideration while selecting color of laminate flooring:

Consider the size

Color of floor has major impact on feeling of space. Dark or warm tones make large space look smaller. The one, who is cramped for space, should choose natural floor colors to make kitchen feel big such as laminated flooring.

Type of color

Mostly people choose specific floor because they prefer that particular color. So, when selecting floor’s color, think about desired end result and impact of that color on existing or planned components of kitchen. Choose the best color while thinking of combination of floor and components.

Plot the picture in mind

Don’t choose floor based on empty kitchen. Make sure floor matches the style and you get the feel you want. Natural colors create a soothing effect and create neutral canvas. Laminated Wooden flooring, whether dark or light depending on your choice, is the best match for country style interior.

Dark or light?

Dark colors make room look small and light colors enlarge a room. Laminated wooden flooring’s dark color is first step of making contrast. Dark colors can make good contrast with dividers in light colors. Choose white shade and try to avoid stony white. On other hand, light color makes room look lighter and light is reflected by these floors. Light floor color and dark furniture make stunning combination.

Mix the shades of furniture and floor

Make combination of floor and furniture; make sure laminated wooden flooring’s color is light or dark than furniture’s color. If floor color is neutral, combine furniture made of dark wood; because on this floor, even light furniture looks attractive.

Effect of light

Lighting also plays a vital role to change the decorum. In dim lighting, colors make different appearance and feeling than in bright sunlight. Additionally, always remember that light is absorbed by dark colors and it is reflected by light colors. So, choose wisely the color of laminated flooring by considering all above given factors.



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