Key Features of MDF Board

Medium Density Fiberboard is reconstituted wood panel, which is made from wood fibers combined with glue under pressure and heat. It is reconstituted into wood sheets in variety of lengths and widths. Being denser than plywood, MDF Board becomes favorite board to be used in various building purposes inside and outside the home such as furniture and flooring. It is easily recognizable in local home improvement store due to its characteristics which are unmatchable by other wood products. Below given are some of key features of MDF board:

Key Feature of MDF Board

  1. Durability

MDF board can be used in tropical or moist areas, as these boards can be manufactured with fungicide additives. Additionally, this board is made of 100% hardwood eucalyptus timber which makes it good for painting and polishing.

  1. No knots

Unlike most of the woods, MDF board does not have natural grain because of its uniform density property. Free from knots makes it easy to saw this board in any direction. Additionally, its edges are very smooth if you use sharp tools and use them correctly. Being free from knots, gives it clean look as well.

  1. Strong boards

MDF is heavy, stiff and strong, which makes it bit complicated to work with. The high glue content in MDF causes cutting tools to dull quickly. So, it is best to use carbide tools while working with MDF. Additionally, use screws and nails to combine pieces together.

  1. Smooth Surface

MDF Board is made of fine particles due to which it has smooth surface, uniform density and high internal bond making it ideal for routing, carving, lacquering and painting.

  1. Free from defects

One of other major feature of this board is that it is free from defects of air pockets, waviness and other bonding defects.

  1. Made from fine timber

MDF board is produced from 100% agro-forestry and eco-friendly timber. Additionally, it has easy workability and is highly economical.


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