How to Maintain Particle Board Furniture?

Particle Board is engineered wood product which is made by glueing saw-dust and small chips of wood. Though these boards are new, but boards have taken the market by storm. Being cheaper than hard wood, it is widely used such as in kitchen, under flooring, furniture and more. Its affordability is another reason for its popularity. With this board’s furniture becoming more commonly available in market, it is important to know how to maintain that furniture for its long lasting attractive look. To help in that, below given are few points:

  1. Keep moisture at arm’s length

Particle board furniture can be easily damaged by moisture, that’s reason why this furniture is advised to be kept indoors. So, if you have this furniture, remember to never get it wet. While cleaning the furniture, use minimal amount of water. If you have to use water, rub it on small patch in small quantity and wipe it off with dry cloth immediately.

  1. Move furniture with care

The furniture made of particle sheet is quite attractive, but doesn’t have that much durability. So, it is advisable to move furniture with care. If it is large furniture, dismantle it first and then move it piece by piece.

  1. Use fasteners and nails specifically designed for particle board furniture

Ordinary screws and nails are not compatible with this furniture, because these screws will cause the wood particles to disintegrate and fall. To avoid this situation, use the fasteners particularly designed for particle sheet furniture.

  1. Keep away from direct sunlight

Keep furniture away from direct sunlight. The temperature of summer sun coming from window can cross 140 degrees. It will destroy furniture’s attractive look by fading its shine, and dry out wood which will cause cracks.

  1. Remove stains carefully

If there are white hazy rings on particle board table, rub it with mild abrasive such as mixture of baking soda and non-gel toothpaste. Just rub it on small spot with finger and use soft cloth on large area.


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