Advantages of Acrylic Boards

Acrylic is plastic made from one or more derivatives of acrylic acid. It resembles to glass but provides better insulation and is less brittle. The acrylic board comes in both continuous cast acrylic as well as cast acrylic. Due to its strength, versatility, clarity and weatherability, this board is used in furniture as well. It is believed that acrylic products are better than glass and other stuff. This is the reason why acrylic furniture is gaining popularity these days. Below given are some advantages of acrylic furniture:

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  1. Weather resistant and retain colour

Acrylic board’s toughness makes it ideal for furniture and home windows. The board used for furniture resists weathering and protects colours. In fact, glass artists and sculptors use acrylics for outdoor designs because of light-refracting and water-resistance capacities.

  1. Light weight

Furniture made of acrylic board weighs 50% less than glass and are easy to handle. Additionally, these are also used as acrylic skylights which increase the light and does not increase the load placed on home’s frame.

  1. Impact Resistant

Acrylic board has more tensile strength with impact resistance 6 to 17 times greater than ordinary glass and has strength of 8,000 lbs. per square inch. Under high impact, the furniture won’t shatter and if it breaks, it will break into large pieces.

  1. Highly transparent

Acrylic furniture maintains its clarity and remains transparent. Due to this property, it is used for plane windows, skylights, greenhouses and store-front windows. Acrylic board’s better durability makes it best option for windows and surveillance mirrors. Being resistant to UV light, some manufacturers add coatings of acrylic for protection to exterior windows, motorcycle shields and signs.

  1. Easily shaped and fabricated

When heated to 100 degrees, Acrylic can be molded into variety of shapes such as tubes, bottles, picture frames and more. It can be drilled, sawed and machined like soft metals and wood.


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