Tips to Maintain High Gloss Furniture

Any place, whether home, office or other place, would not complete without any furniture. It plays a major role in our everyday lives and even changes the decorum of any place. High gloss furniture is in trend these days which encompasses any piece of furniture with highly reflective finish. Its unique finish creates clean, smooth and contemporary look in any home. Apart from sleek and beautiful design element, such furniture has other advantages as well like it brightens up room by reflecting light. But, the shine of high gloss furniture will diminish if not taken care properly. There are few simple ways which ensures longevity of furniture’s shine:

Tips to Maintain High Gloss Furniture

  1. Be careful about the placement of furniture

Anything can damage the fragile surface of furniture, especially heat. So, while placing your furniture, make sure that there is no direct sunlight hitting. Additionally, keep furniture away from air conditioners and heaters. Here is takeaway; rapid changes in temperature are harmful to furniture.

  1. Avoid dragging

High gloss furniture is vulnerable and any object can easily scratch its surface. Even, plastic objects can damage finish of furniture. So, it is wise to avoid dragging furniture, better lift up furniture and place it.

  1. Polish it

There are 3 care products that can be used to maintain high gloss furniture’s shine- polishes, waxes and silicone cleaners. For better results, one can choose to go with polish which contains emulsifiers, natural oils and detergents. The detergent cleans the surface and mineral oil present in polish will create a protective shield to fend off dirt particles.

  1. Material to use for cleaning

One of the foremost things to remember about cleaning UV coated panel furniture is use of right type of cloth. In fact, one can use feather duster to clean the furniture. But, in case you want to use cloth, choose clean, lint-free and very soft cloth. While cleaning, don’t apply too much pressure.

  1. Regular dusting

UV coated panel furniture should be dusted with microfiber cloth regularly.  Also, make sure that spills are removed immediately and say big no to solvent cleaning agents, which can leave marks on furniture which are hard to remove.


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