The Ultimate Guide of Maintaining Laminated Flooring

Laminate floor offers an amazing look to your home or workspace. This flooring is resistant to stains and durable. If you utilise proper laminate cleaning products and tactics, it can be cleaned as well as maintained easily.

In this blog, we will give some general cleaning tips for your laminated flooring:

  • Sweeping:

Sweep the floor regularly with a soft-bristled broom. It will prevent the scratches.

  • Vacuum cleaning:

It is really convenient and crucial to vacuum clean the laminate flooring regularly for removing loose dust and dirt. The dust has abrasives which can cause scratches.

  • Wet mopping:

The damp mopping is advisable for cleaning the laminated wooden flooring once in a week or less. You can utilise a soft microfiber mop. Always mop along the lines of the floor planks. Clean and dry the floor with a soft microfiber mop. Ensure to just use a damp mop as water can damage the floor. it is advisable for just using the recommended laminated cleaning products for cleaning your floor.

Things you need to avoid:

You must not use polish, wax, or a veggie oil-based product, abrasive pads, scouring powder, or steel wool for polishing or cleaning your laminate floor. These products will harm the floor surface. Additionally, avoid using cleaning agents like ammonia, vinegar, or chlorinated solutions for floor cleaning. Vinegar is an acid. Every time you utilise, it will eat away the surface, make it really dull and remove the top protective layer. Similarly, chlorine and ammonia will harm the floor’s top layer. Don’t wet mop or wash the floor with water, detergent, soap. This can cause swelling, warping, delamination, and opening up of the gaps and joints.

Cleaning stains and liquid spills:

If liquid is spilt on the surface of the floor, you should clean it immediately. It can enter the seams and stain the floor. Utilise a paper towel or a soft cloth for wiping up and soaking the spill. Clean the spots with a damp cloth utilising laminate stain cleaner.


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