Installing Laminated Flooring on Stairs

Usually, laminated flooring is installed on stairs or boxed stairs which are totally enclosed. This way, the unfinished laminate edges are hidden from view. Additionally, note that while laminated floors are usually floated over the subfloor, they must not be floated on stairs for security or safety purposes. Rather, glue them straight to the subfloor.

Installing Laminated Flooring on Stairs

Laminated adhesive:

Since, the glue-down laminate is recommended for stairs, adhesive plays an essential role in the installation procedure. You need to ensure that the adhesive covers the whole plank. Areas which don’t have enough adhesive will lift up over time. Apply the adhesive to the laminate, set in place, and finally remove with a pry bar instantly. If the glue is evenly distributed on both the step and the plank, you have applied enough adhesive.

Nailing laminate planks:

If you feel as though laminated adhesive is not sufficient, you can also try top nailing the laminate to the subfloor. Nevertheless, remember that the top nailing could spoil the face of the laminate plank, and this could void the warranty in some places. Always refer to the recommendations of the manufacturer and utilise an automatic nailer while nailing for preventing the plank from splitting.

Begin from the top:

While installing on stairs, you must always begin at the top and work your way down. This way, you are not standing on steps with newly installed flooring. Additionally, with laminates, you won’t need to leave an extension perimeter as laminate doesn’t expand or contract very much.

Accessories of the laminated floor:

Floor accessories like stair nosing and risers are required while installing on steps. Stair nosing must always overlap the risers for hiding every cut made to the installed laminate. As of now, some staircases have stair nosing built into the subfloor. In some instances, you can add plywood to the riser and make the existing nosing flush with the riser.

For step-by-step info on how to install laminate on stairs, take the help of your manufacturer. Else, you can check out the user manual as well. Contact Action Tesa, if you want to install the best laminated board on your stairs.


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