Is Your Laminated Flooring Having All Premium Qualities?

You will be surprised how the laminated flooring really captures the elegant beauty and design of the finest natural hardwood, stone, and ceramic, but at a fraction of the cost. Laminate provides with many excellent features and advantages which are amazingly available in so pocket-friendly option: durability, low maintenance, stain and scratch resistance, easy DIY installation – just to name a few.

Is Your Laminated Flooring Having All Premium Qualities

It’s really a lot to think regarding when you go floor buying, so let’s make it simple by discussing the 5 premium qualities of the best laminated flooring.

  • Advanced photographic imagery:

The designed layer must be an HD, high detailed photographic image which realistically imitates the grain, colour, and texture of the real material.

  • Durable multi-layer construction:

The noteworthy durability and strength of laminated flooring come from a combination of materials fused together in an exclusive lamination procedure. In premium quality laminated flooring, the protective surface layer is extremely resistant to dents and scratches from chairs, pets and high heels. The top layer also safeguards the floor from fading, stains, and wear-through.

  • Board thickness:

The most amazing laminated flooring is denser and thicker so that it feels and sounds like a hardwood floor while you walk on it. Select a laminated board thickness that is 8-12mm (.32”-.48”).

  • Simple interlocking installation:

This is an easy two-step method installs quicker and simpler than any other laminate. This method doesn’t need any glue or fastener, making it an amazing DIY project. The floor floats above the subfloor, enabling it for expanding and contracting with the natural temperature and humidity changes at your home.

  • Warranty:

Warranties on the most amazing laminate flooring cover premature wear, fading, and staining for up to 30 years. An appealing laminated floor sets the stage for the room of your dreams. Know the qualities for considering before you go for buying so you can find the best-laminated floor for your house.

Contact Action Tesa to make your dream home applying laminated flooring installation on it.


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