Let’s Give Your Home an Appealing Look with Laminated Flooring

The arrival of laminated flooring has transformed the way designers view the home floors. It has allowed the creation of living spaces with a base limited just by the designer’s imagination. The laminated floor, in its easiest form, is a photographic image imposed upon lots of layers, and then cut into a number of regular sized laminated boards that lock together, either with or without the usage of adhesive.

Why utilize it?

The laminated flooring is a cost-effective flooring solution. Albeit it can be made for looking like costly wood, tiles, marbles etc., it’s a fraction of the price.

It’s easy to use and install, doing away with the requirement for costly contractors. The only requirement for an excellent finish is a level sub-floor for it for being attached to.

Ultimately, it’s really maintenance-free as well. It won’t scratch or stain easily and usually, its UV treated so that fading isn’t a problem. In the worst case scenario, if a laminated board requires being replaced, the process is simple and inexpensive. The life of the average floor ranges between 15-20 years.

Where can you use it?

Laminated flooring is best suitable for usage all over the house, but some cautiousness is required in the choice of the right grade for the space concerned.

  • Light traffic areas:

These spaces, which would incorporate rooms as bedrooms, are the ones where the designers can let their imagination run free. Every kind of laminate is suitable for these spaces, from the tradition wood grains’ effect to the extra modern Disney themed photographic print floors for kids’ nurseries. As the floor is subjected to the minimum foot traffic, the durability of the floor is not actually a problem, and there are no limitations on what can be utilized.

  • Heavy traffic areas:

These would incorporate areas like hallways or lounges, and more consideration requires for being given to the longevity of the backing boards, perhaps choosing a thicker board to make sure a cost-effective lifespan for the floor. As detailed above, the complete range of designs is generally available, once again making laminate an excellent option.

Laminated flooring is available in large range of colors and designs whereas carpet and wood are incapable in providing these things. So, opt for this budget-friendly material from Action Tesa today and give your home a more appealing look.


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