Enjoy the Elegance of Hardwood with the Longevity of Laminated Flooring

Hardwood is definitely stunning and elegant. Although it has a timeless appearance, it is not scratch resistant. So, perhaps the hardwood floor is not so good like you think. But if you still want that timeless appearance of hardwood floors but with scratch, dent and fade mark resistance feature, laminated flooring is the best option for you. Laminate is not only more durable than conventional hardwood flooring, but also more inexpensive also.

Laminated Floor

What is laminated flooring?

Laminate is a composite material that looks like real wood. It is made of HDF board and sealed with a laminate covering. Laminated flooring has a water repulsive placed on it and high-quality floors are infused with water repulsive throughout the core.

What type of laminated floor should you get?

When you are opting for the laminated floor, you will require considering some things. You need to decide the floor installation place. This area can be a high traffic area or a low traffic area. The basic sizes of laminated floor vary from nearly 6-12mm. If the core is thicker, then it’s highly stable too. Even it will stand up better as it is both tear and wear resistant.

Laminated flooring: A good option for bathroom and kitchen

Laminated flooring is an excellent option for both bathroom and kitchen as it is water repulsive. Thereby, laminated is always a better option, unlike hardwood floors. Food spills and water can ruin your conventional hardwood floors, but with laminated flooring, you can easily wipe them up and maintain it.

Selecting the right floor:

Laminated floors come in different colours, patterns and styles. No matter what style you prefer, if you shop for laminated flooring, you will experience a high-quality floor in your house. You will find it at affordable costs from reputable laminated flooring manufacturers.

Action Tesa is one of the leading laminated board manufacturers in India. Visit us and let us know your requirement.


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