Excellent Things about Veneer Wood You Must Know

Veneer wood is a product which is made with particle board at its core, real wood on the surfaces and at the edges. Real wood’s layers utilised on the surfaces are less than 3mm in thickness and extremely polished. It should be noted that some veneer wood manufacturers increase veneer’s thickness to as much as they find fit. Not just does this include an aesthetic value to this material, but also makes veneer wood stronger than real wood.

Veneer Wood

Real wood has its good points – they look wonderful and classic. With time, wood takes on classic distresses and dents which make wood look pretty and worn. However, unfortunately, real hardwood is very rare and its left requires being preserved. Veneer wood helps this way. The core is made up of MDF board and particle board or HDF board, and then the lumber core is there at the very core which includes strength and those at the board’s edges as well. Ultimately, there is veneer which includes the sheen to the product making it prepared for shipping.

Veneer wood is also better than real wood in that it doesn’t bend or warp with climate change or cleave while struck with something heavy or sharp. However, humidity is the biggest foe of these materials. Under some conditions, while the water content is more than is required, veneer wood begins contorting and warping, which is surely not preferable. However, the point to be noted here is that even solid wood can be diminished very simply if water begins seeping into the structure.

Nevertheless, besides all the structural outstandingness of veneer wood, there is another thing which makes it the definite favourite of interior decorators. In decorating large expanse of flat surfaces, real wood is not the perfect as joints in it displays through, while in case of veneer wood, it’s not an issue as veneer neither warps nor cracks or cleaves as natural wood. Additionally, as general wood is very expensive and you must ever require replacing it, the expenses will be really prohibitive in the long term.

Thereby, you’ll notice that all these excellent qualities of veneer wood make it a great choice in comparison with the real wood.


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