Style Becomes Affordable With Laminated Flooring

A relative newbie in modern flooring technology, laminate as a flooring material, has won millions of householders’ hearts around the world. The interior designers and builders simply love this modern day flooring material. Let’s find out how this material has got such huge popularity.

Affordable With Laminated Flooring

What is laminated flooring?

Laminated flooring is a wood based versatile multilayered system. In its look, it may mimic stone, hardwood, ceramic and other costlier flooring options. Available in forms of squares, planks and strips, it’s easy for installing. Furthermore, it arrives with numerous beneficial features which make it grab the lion’s share of flooring market.

The layers of this beautiful flooring solution:

4 basic layers are compressed under high pressure for fabricating the resilient and strong laminate.

  1. Top layer – It makes up the floor surface and assures the product’s durability.
  2. Second layer – It is responsible for rendering the floor’s pattern with the help of a high-resolution photographic image.
  3. Third layer – It is made up of wood and makes the system’s core giving the laminate the comfort and stability.
  4. Bottom layer – It acts as a protector against moisture and is responsible for the floor’s longevity and makes the installation process simple and easy.

Different beneficial features of laminated flooring:

  1. Laminate is the most versatile flooring solution which can be used in every room of your house, below or above ground, over concrete or wood.
  2. Simply like the hardwood, it can’t be used in the places like verandahs, enclosed porches, saunas, washrooms, or bathrooms.
  3. Amazing appearance is another reason for its huge popularity. This flooring is available in various colours, species, designs and styles and it’s the ideal complement to the environment and your home interior style.
  4. This floating floor system is easy to install and can be installed over a subfloor, an existing floor or even concrete also.
  5. The laminate floor comes with advanced fade resistance, stain resistance and moisture resistance capacities. This flooring can bear maximum sun exposure and can be installed safely in the areas with higher moisture and humidity levels.
  6. This is the most budget-friendly solution by which you can accomplish both glamour and look in your flooring.

In short, you can have excellent appearance, cost-effectiveness and easy maintenance in the laminated flooring which comes with lifetime assurance. So, opt for laminate as your flooring solution and get a lifetime friend.


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