Table Comparison: Particle Board vs. MDF Board

These days, the furniture items made of MDF board and Particle Board are seen everywhere, in the houses of people and in the readymade furniture stores. In this blog, we will compare the similarities and dissimilarities between these two kinds of engineered wooden boards and take a closer look at their finer points in the procedure.

Particle Board vs MDF Board

Particle Board

MDF Board

Particleboard is made from tiny particles of wooden sawdust. The wood particles are combined with glue such as phenolic resin or Urea formaldehyde resin and the combination is highly compressed by pressing under pressure and heat. The term MDF implies Medium Density Fibreboard. This is made from wooden fibres. These wooden fibres are combined with glue and then go through a hot-press machine which compresses the combination and makes a board.
Particle board is very lightweight. MDF board is heavier in weight than particle board.
The particle board’s density is lesser. MDF board has a higher density and is thus stronger. There is another type of board known as HDF (Higher Density Fibreboard) that is highly strong and dense.
This board doesn’t take nails. This is due to the particle board has very less nail-holding power. Thereby, screws need to be utilised for making all the fittings in particle board furniture. Similar to the particle board, MDF board is also not nailed. Screws are rather utilised.
It is utilised for constructing readymade furniture items. It is utilised for making higher quality readymade furniture items, and also for customised needs like for making wardrobe doors and for the kitchen cabinet’s shutters.
It is lesser expensive in comparison with MDF board. MDF board is stronger, and thus more expensive.
Particle board is much weaker in strength in comparison with the plywood. Weaker in comparison with the plywood, yet MDF board is better than the particle board.
It is manufactured as plain particle board and comes in the pre-laminated variety. MDF board is also available as pre-laminated or plain. Most of the MDF furniture items which we see in furniture shops are made from pre-laminated MDF board.

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