Efficient Use of Wood-Like Laminated Flooring

Engineered wood is also known as man-made wood or composite wood. It incorporates a range of imitative wood items that are made by fixing or binding the strands, fibres, particles, veneers or the boards of wood, together with bindings, or other strategies of fixation for forming composite materials. It can be simply confused with laminate. The basic difference between this kind of wood and laminate flooring is that laminated flooring doesn’t contain real wood, but it greatly useful like wood.

Laminated Flooring Wood Finish

The engineered wood’s top surface is generally made of hardwood that provides the feel and look of a solid wood and it’s resistant to discolouration and scratches. The middle layer is made of HDF board or plywood which helps the flooring for being more flexible and keeps it in shape. The bottom or supporting layer is the most crucial layer of the entire construction because it gives consistency to the entire board.

Since engineered wood is made of natural cellulose fibres, it contracts and expands with the changes in the humidity level. It needs no finishing or nailing. You can install it over vinyl, concrete, tile or stone and can be laid in different patterns – brick, herringbone, and planks.

Laminated flooring is multi-layer synthetic flooring blended together with a lamination procedure, this flooring simulates wood with photographic appliqué layer under a clear protective layer. Laminated flooring has increased significantly in popularity, maybe because it is easier to install and maintain than more conventional surfaces like hardwood. It is more inexpensive than real wood flooring and also it needs less skill for installing than alternative flooring materials. Virtually it can be laid over any sub-flooring surface, with the inclusion of concrete and wood. You can also apply it on the top of an existing wood floor, vinyl tile or ceramic, and also vinyl or sheet flooring. Even you can install it over some types of carpeting also. Maximise exposure to moisture will damage some laminated items, but now many can be used in the wet areas also.


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