Your Laminated Flooring Also Needs Care Like Your Kids Need!

We already have told you that laminated flooring is very much durable, but still, every floor needs care for maintaining its beauty. If you want to enhance your home’s visibility, then you should install laminates on your floor. You will be rewarded with proper grace and good words from your guests if you take proper care of your laminated floors.

Your Laminated Flooring Also Needs Care Like Your Kids Need

There are two types of techniques for maintaining this floor:

  1. Mopping
  2. Sweeping

Dirt and dust make the floor surface rough and give a dull look. Well, you can avoid it by daily sweeping, mopping or vacuuming for removing dust. Using a broom or vacuum cleaner will be better. The vacuum cleaner is one of the most useful appliances for removing dirt and dust from the places where you aren’t able to clean.

Even you can also do damp mopping but not on a daily basis. You should use a soft cloth for wiping the floor dry after doing the damp mopping. Remember that laminated flooring can expand if extra water is present on the surface. So, you must place the doormats at every entryway of your home for collecting extra dust and water.

Some Dos and Don’ts of Laminated flooring:

– You should use floor protector on the bottom of every furniture item in order to prevent the floor from getting scratched or abrasion type of issue.

– Do not use soap-based detergents type of products which are harmful to the shininess of the floor.

– Try to lift heavy furniture products instead of pulling or dragging them for avoiding scratching or abrasion type of issue.

– Ensure not to use the scouring powder or abrasive cleaner.

– Always use carpet fragments under the heavy objects while moving them across a laminated floor.

– Do spot cleaning daily and full cleaning occasionally.

We hope now you have understood how to maintain the beauty of your laminated floor. If you are still not convinced with the techniques, contact Action Tesa.


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