The Manufacturing Procedure of Laminated Flooring

As of now, you know that laminated flooring is just a cost-effective substitute of hardwood and is trending in today’s market. But do you know in detail about it? Well, if you want to install this material in your house or just planning about it, we will suggest you to know what precisely it is and how it is manufactured. After all, you and your family will use it daily.

Laminated Flooring

Laminated floor is made of 4 layers:

  1. This floor’s bottom layer is called the backing which protects it and keeps the moisture out and prevents the distortion and warping.
  2. The second layer is made of the inner core. Generally, this is called HDF board. It is constructed from resin and real wood fibres. This layer’s prime purpose is stability. Even the resin, which hardens and gets solid and strong, helps protect against moisture and increases the floor’s lifespan.
  3. The design layer is on the top of the inner core. When you walk in the door, you see this and for most people, this is the most important feature of laminated flooring. It’s formed with a very high-resolution photograph which imitates stone, hardwood or brick. The texture is even implemented to this layer, so if you want your laminated wooden flooring to be grainy, it’ll be a part of the design layer.
  4. The final layer is the one which you actually walk on. This wear layer protects your floor from stains, fading, scratching and other damage from daily use.

Now you know about the different layers of a laminated floor, so it’s good for you to also know its manufacturing procedure.

  1. As mentioned before, the four layers are shapely starting from the bottom to the top. Utilising machines, they are exactly aligned so that they match accurately.
  2. Then they are put under high heat and pressure. If the texture is included in the design, it’s also pressed in at that time. This procedure changes the layers into one single material.
  3. After that, these sheets get cold and are cut into planks simply like hardwood. The cutting procedure includes profiling that cuts grooves into the planks so they fit simply into one another while they are installed. This enables an exact and beautiful fit.

It’s essential to also know where it comes from, as your laminated flooring will be a big part of your house. Now you can describe your guests how it is possible that you were capable of so precisely matching your floor to the rest of your home décor while saving the money it’d cost for installing conventional materials.


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