Modular Kitchen: Need or Desire?

Do you think that modular kitchens are costly? Well, in this blog post, we will tell you why a well-planned redecoration is cost-effective.

Action Tesa Modular Kitchen

Unfortunately, most Indians consider kitchen renovation to be quite costly, more so with the modular kitchens. But, basically, a well-planned modular kitchen won’t make your pocket empty. Rather, it will save your money and time, in the long run, additionally being amazing looking. Do you know that there are numerous ways of retaining the original units by renovating aesthetics like cabinets, backsplash tiles and worktops?

Thus, if you want a kitchen makeover yet have always been ignorant to make the first move, now is the right time. Acknowledge the following tidbits from the house of Action Tesa that will tell you why modular kitchens have become a cost-effective need these days:

  1. Effective storage capacity:

Modular kitchens enable you great storage capacity for your ever-expanding kitchen stock. By offering a thali basket, cutlery trays and magic corners, you can store more substances effectively in your kitchen.

  1. No noisy exhaust fan:

With the arrival of chimney and hob, it is easier to make sure that kitchen smoke has a right exit with maximal suction power, thus saying goodbye to the noisy exhaust fan. Nowadays, a modular kitchen is basically not considered complete without chimney and hob’s presence.

  1. Budget it accurate:

Not every modular kitchen design is costly. Depending on the needs, you can ask your interior designer to recommend you the most budget modular kitchen models available. In fact, minor changes like installing a new door and also changing the countertop material can modify the entire expense.

  1. For the love of colour:

If your home decoration is more on the vibrant side, don’t think much for adding a vibrant touch to your kitchen space. The attractive colour options, which are available in modular kitchens, promise an exceptional look as they are unmatchable. You can choose from acrylic or wooden finishes, texture finishes, high gloss laminates; the options are huge in all these categories.

  1. Modern day cooking:

Indian cooking is no more confined as just a cook’s job. Now people are more comfortable with a kitchen-cum-dining space. This is where the idea of island kitchens, open kitchens or breakfast-cum-bar counters has acquired popularity.

So, do you want to get started now? Wait no more, contact us today; we will help modify your kitchen space.


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