Let the Designer Door Deck up the Households of This Modern Era

Designer doors are one of the must-have features for many households in this modern era. There are lots of designs and features are available in the house of Action Tesa to select from; so, it is imperative to make a list of expectancies before you opt for an HDF based door skin.

Designer Door

A designer door will maximise the available space inside the bathroom and act as a total wall against shower water. The doors are designed with high-quality waterproof materials that prevent the door from wetting. Necessarily, this helps the floor from water keeping it dry. Dryness is imperative in a bathroom as stagnant moist water increases the chances of bacteria and moulds multiplying. A dry and clean bathroom helps you improve your health and also the look and feel of the bathroom.

Many designer doors can be added to the enclosure of a shower regardless of if there is shower tray or not. This is perfect for people seeking upgrade or change in the future.

What separates conventional shower doors and modern designer doors is the HDF based door skin. These door skins from Action Tesa make sure the consistency in quality standards at the highest level. Our range includes designs options, made from exactly crafted moulds from Germany for ideal finish highlighting the effects of shapes and textures. We actually possess a wide range of Melamine Faced decorative door skins that reduce the hassles of polishing or painting related to the traditional door skins and which is resistant to moisture as well.

Our modern designer doors come with a long-term guarantee that proves you are doing a long-term investment. These doors are highly resistant to moisture and dust, unlike conventional doors. Designer doors not just add styles but also a luxury feel to your household. Most of the features aforementioned are encompassed in Action Tesa’s modern designer doors.

By adding a designer door, you will actually add the value to your entire household. Your family and friends will be bound to discuss it if they find an exclusive designer door in your house. So, do not be left behind and get yourself a designer door in your house today.


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