High Gloss Laminated Flooring: How to Maintain the Shine and Gloss

Nowadays, people are no longer happy with simply home decoration. They always seek the wow factor for their home. High gloss laminated flooring caters that purpose ideally. Because of its unique capacity of resisting fading, staining and deterioration because of normal tear and wear, laminated flooring is becoming high popular. This is a user-friendly flooring option as it comes with a DIY kit and you can easily install it. These all make the laminated flooring an irresistible option for most householders.

High Gloss Laminated Flooring

This flooring has a wide range finishes from which you can select one that suits your taste and house. The high gloss finish offers an elegant and rich look to the flooring. It is usually connected with the highest quality flooring. Action Tesa offers you a specific type of high gloss finish which you’ll surely love and will suit your all criteria.

Nevertheless, with the high gloss laminated flooring, you should consider the ways of maintenance also. There are several ways to protect high gloss laminated flooring mentioned below:

  1. If some planks are damaged, you don’t need to lift the total flooring, and you can only pull up the spoiled planks and replace them with a new one. You can do this and if you need to repair your high gloss flooring, you can also do that if you have knowledge.
  2. In some cases where on laminated flooring, skid marks are left by some kinds of toys and shoes, it can be erased by a pencil eraser using gentle strokes.
  3. The combination of baking soda and warm water also helps remove scuffs and scrapes from laminated flooring, aside from having several usages.
  4. Toothpaste also provides the similar impact if you don’t have baking soda at your house. You can utilise plain toothpaste for touching up the spoiled part of your floor.

Nevertheless, there are many commercial products are now available in the market, so you don’t need to get worried about spoiling the finish. By maintaining the floor, you can surely keep the natural beauty of your glossy laminated flooring for many years.


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