Particle Board for Kitchen Cabinets: What You Need to Know

These days, kitchen cabinets are either made of plywood or particle board. All these construction materials are inbuilt with various benefits and features. It is used for different purposes aside from kitchen cabinets.

Particle Board for Kitchen Cabinets

Particle board is made of small parts, especially sawdust, which is glued together for creating a flat sheet. These sheets’ surfaces are further laminated with various kinds of materials like laminated boards for displaying a gentle look. It is made available in various surface coatings and thicknesses and densities. Some of these boards are coated with superb durable materials and so they last for many years. Nevertheless, many lower end products are there which are laminated with vinyl, Thermo foil and so forth that last just for a short time period.

Many companies use this board for construction as it reduces the production expenses. It is considered for being more durable and flexible than plywood. Albeit many people like to use these boards for cabinet’s construction in kitchens or other areas, it is less moisture resistant. Drawers and cabinets made of these boards tend to peel off and warp while it is exposed to heat, water, moisture and so forth. Well, these boards are vastly used for constructing lots of materials in homes and workplaces like cabinets, tables etc.

Many people become confused while picking the right material for their kitchen cabinets between plywood and particle board. Some people think that plywood is a better option. But this is not true. This is actually an unnecessary luxury for your kitchen. Even some cabinets made of particle boards stay well for 20 to 30 years without getting any scratches or stains. So, it can be said that particle board is definitely the best option for your kitchen cabinets.

So, keeping in mind the features and plethora of benefits, you should definitely opt for particle board for your kitchen cabinets. Visit Action Tesa, for getting more information regarding this material.


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