It’s Time to Get Floored with Superb Laminates!

If you want to add a bit of glamour to your home décor,you should try laminates. Laminate flooring is becoming a favourite option among many interior designers and householders. There are two main purposes behind its developing popularity: its high-wear tendency and its low maintenance cost. Action Tesa, a premium laminated flooring manufacturer provides the latest range of designer laminates. So, you can easily get your rooms floored with the superb range of designer laminates available at Action Tesa.

Get Floored with Superb Laminates

These days, laminates are more popular among leading home décor planners. Laminates come in planks and tiles which can be installed anywhere in your house, be it over pre-existing floor coverings or concrete slabs. Let’s have a discussion why these are the prime choice at the time of choosing the ideal flooring solution:

– The prime reason for selecting laminates over hardwood is the cost difference. You will certainly get floored with this superb flooring solution which is budget-friendly too.

– Laminates the engineered alternative of real wood. But, they are more durable and can bear considerable tear and wear.

– Another purpose behind their popularity over hardwood floor is the considerable ease of installation. If you want to cover your room floors with laminates, you need not be an expert in it. Anybody can do it. There is no need of nails. The groove and tongue design of laminated boards makes the installation procedure much simpler.

– Laminates don’t need special care like hardwoods. You can easily spray a mild cleaner and then wipe it dry regularly. This can finish the cleaning procedure.

– Hardwood tops are prone to marks and scratches, aside from these are hard to repair. Besides, laminates are scratch-proof and theuser can use it easily and comfortably.

Laminates are available in different textures and designs while hardwoods have some limitations in terms of designing. Even, you can get floored with various amazing laminate finishes available these days. For exclusive designer laminates, check out Action Tesa’s catalogue and give your room a life!


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