This Navratri, Give Your Bedroom a Different Look with Wall Beds

Navratri 2016 has already arrived and many of you already had so many plans about it. Some thought about fasting while others about feasting. However, what about the home décor? Apart from cleaning and arranging a Dandiya party, can you plan something new this Navratri? We are here with a trendy home décor plan for you.

Give Your Bedroom a Different Look with Wall Beds

Using wall beds in bedrooms has become very trendy. The good thing about these is that they’ll be made up of just solid materials. Many materials are used for making these beds. But, some of these materials, which are basically used in making these types of special beds are particle board, MDF board, plywood and solid wood. Every material has its own set of exclusive functions and qualities. When you are opting a wall bed made up of any of these materials, undoubtedly it’ll become a superb bedding option for your bedroom. If you want to know about the special and salient qualities of the above-mentioned materials, then just read on:

  1. Particle board:

This engineered material is used in making the exterior part of every type of furniture. Particle board is composed of some highly compressed wood pieces.

  1. MDF board:

This material is quite same as the particle boards. They are sometimes used in making of the exterior surface of the bed. The great thing about it is that it’ll be great for making crackle and smoother surfaces.

  1. Plywood:

As a material for thesurface, plywood is really stronger in comparison with the particle board and MDF board. There are some thin wooden layers used for the composition of the plywood. For this purpose, they are also named as Layered board.

  1. Solid wood:

These materials are employed in wall beds for composing the surface. You should be aware of the fact that these are one of the strongest ever materials available in the market. It builds an essential part of many beds.

Hope you get an enhanced idea about the home décor. So, apply the designing tips and enjoy your festival. Happy Navratri!


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