The ABCs of Material Options for Your Kitchen Cabinets

You possibly have faced some issues when you have gone to choose materials for your kitchen. Probably, your interior designer confused you by recommending you lots of options and you are quite unsure what you should opt for and what not.

The ABCs of Material Options for Your Kitchen Cabinets

So, here in this blog post, we will discuss the ABCs of material options for your kitchen cabinets. Remember, very often the kitchen cabinets can be built from various materials.

Cabinets are the carcass or body of your modular kitchen. Aesthetics, water-resistance, price and durability are the factors to remember while selecting cabinet materials.

Kitchen cabinets can be made of the following materials:

  1. Wood:

If you cannot ignore the texture and look of wood, then just proceed and prepare yourself for some quantity of maintenance work. And understand what you’ll get in return: the sheer classic poetry of colour and texture. Opt for strong wood which can bear thelimitless amount of tear and wear. The laminated board is one of the most versatile and budget-friendly options for a kitchen cabinet.

  1. Wood-plastic composite:

One of the latest options available on today’s market is wood-plastic composite, the material made out of a blend of thermoplastics and wood fiber or flour. It is less prone to decay and rot, waterproof and easy-to-maintain also.

  1. Marine ply:

Made from long lasting core and face veneers, marine ply inclines to resist both fungal attacks and de-laminating, and bears humidity for a longer time period, making it quite demanding in the kitchen area, where waterproof reads as a big blessing. Used in making of boats and ships, it is made from a better grade of wood and resins; you can be quite sure about its longevity.

  1. Pre-laminated particle board:

The particle board has a laminated surface attached during themanufacturing process, and the laminates provide lots of aesthetic options. This one is the most pocket-friendly product among all, so if theexpense is primarily on your mind, then you’ll find that it meets your requirement best.


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