How to Cover Up an Interior Door with a Designer Door Skin

Accessorizing your home doors is a cool step. By dressing up your pathways or entrances to other rooms, you can simply brand your ambience, customize your space and show your style.

How to Cover Up an Interior Door with a Designer Door Skin

Be it a school, home, restaurant, office or shop, all premises have doors which cater as the ideal frame for an artwork skin. Server rooms, staff only areas, kitchens, toilets, store rooms and many other kinds of rooms have interior doors leading into them.

If your interior doors are flat in structure, then an exclusive and cost-effective way to both utilize a boring space when improving your brand or style is adding a door skin.

Every door has a frame, making a natural shape for an exclusive artwork. If it is a poster, then it can be caller a door cover, and if it is adhesive panel attached to the wood, then it is a door wrap or door skin.

There are some exclusive ways of using a door wrap or door skin for customizing your space:

  1. Select a geometric way in a colour which matches your style or brand and order an HDF based door skin which matches that style. You can use 3D textures, stars, points, rectangles, ovals, and circles for making an effect on the space.
  2. With the help of a designer, make a design which reflects your style or brand.
  3. We all love the 3D door panels which you can apply to your interior door.
  4. Find textured designer door skins which include melamine based, prime based or metallic based.

Door covers or door skins are sometimes made from melamine which looks flush to the door while applied, can be replaced and are really cost-effective ways of decorating your space with a customized design.

A future advantage is that you could use them for decorating your residential or commercial space with seasonal designing concepts.

The fun and enjoyment provided by designer doors are priceless. So, contact Action Tesa today to get one water resistant designer door for your place.


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