Laminate Flooring: A Good Combination of Value and Quality

Although decorating a home is expensive, it is worthy as you will enjoy spending your time. Home decoration is not done every single day. So, you need to buy the most durable and the best product from the market. When you buy a new house, you must install the flooring before setting it up. Once you have finished furnishing the rooms, it is really hard to install the flooring. Ensure that you select a flooring material which meets your requirements and simultaneously improves the charm of your house. All you need is flooring which doesn’t leave your pocket empty.

Laminate Flooring: A Good Combination of Value and Quality

Among all available flooring types, laminate flooring provides the maximum value for money. Laminate is durable, appealing and cost-effective material. It is resistant to scratches, stains, and dents and UV protected too. Laminate floors are long lasting; however, they can’t be refinished when they are damaged and should be replaced.

If you have kids or pets at home, then you just don’t get worried about the growth of microorganisms, as having laminate flooring is the best solution for you. It keeps fungus and mold from draining inside the flooring because of its water-resistant property and limits their growth too. Its outermost layer is made of smooth plastic which can be easily mopped for removing stains.

Laminate flooring comprises of 3 layers. The bottom layer is known as backing. It is made of plastic or paper. Plastic prevent water seepage inside the floor and gives the mater a shiny appearance. Beyond backing, the core is found which gives the tile face bearing the design. The outermost later is made of hard plastics which shields the design.

Laminate flooring gives you options for various shapes for installation. These shapes make the floor easier-to-install and if one requires being replaces, it can be done easily. Its adaptability feature enables it to go fit well in every type of sub floors. This flooring complements vinyl and wood pre-installed sub floors too.

Action Tesa is a popular name in Indian flooring manufacturing industry. We provide your favourite floor at an affordable budget. We ensure to give your home an elegant look. So, choose us in order to design your dream house!


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