Want to Keep Your Laminate Flooring Looking Superb? Tips to Follow

One of the most incredible things about laminate floors is that it’s a durable beauty and it can’t get damaged easily. In fact, it’s a lesser expensive alternative to real wooden flooring, which can’t be tarnished, scratched, dented or damaged easily. It can be maintained easily.

Laminate Flooring India

Though laminated flooring can’t get damaged easily, you need to take care of it. Else, it will look less than superb. There are some handy tips to follow to make your laminated flooring looking excellent for many years. Just read on:

  1. Don’t move heavy furniture regularly:


Moving heavy furniture on your floor frequently won’t save your floor anymore. There is a possibility of scratches for dragging the heavy furniture. Frequently dragging furniture over laminated flooring can scratch, scrape and even damage your floor’s surface.

  1. Keep your floor dry:

    Floor Cleaning

If you want to prevent water, grit or sand from damaging your floors, just put a doormat at every exterior doorway. Extra grid or sand can totally damage or scratch your floor, while wet laminated has the possibility of getting more damaged over the time.

  1. Don’t wear high heels:

    Don’t wear high heels

High heels are really bad for every hard flooring option. Read wooden flooring is regularly damaged by high heels. Although laminated flooring is more resilient, high heels can damage your floor too. Remove them at the door for preventing this.

  1. Clean cautiously:

Floor Cleaning

As laminate flooring is really damage-proof, it’s simple to forget that some cleaning procedures are there. Don’t clean your laminate floor using soap or chemical based cleaning products, polish, wax, a steam cleaner, sandpaper or a scourer. All you need is a brush, a hoover or a mop.

These steps won’t take much time of yours. You just need to follow them carefully every time. These will not only make your floor looking superb, but also save your money your money from the hassle of repair or replacement of flooring.

At Action Tesa, we provide top-notch laminated flooring of your requirement. We make your home beautiful with durable laminate floors. So, contact us today!


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