Lamination: An Option to Make Your Floor Classy & Durable

Innovative wooden flooring is a commonly used term for interior designing. Laminated wooden flooring belongs to this interior design also. This is taken as a very classy and trendy way to decorate your house, however, the concept is actually not found recently. If we research, we can see that it had been going on for many years. If we provide our existence to the current time, we will find that the laminated flooring has built its market highly in the interior decoration industry.

Laminate Floor Home

Varieties of laminated flooring:

In laminated flooring, 3 materials are considered: stone, tile, and wood. And the sky is the limit, if we talk about the design. There are many excellent designs in this flooring. Sometimes customers get confused in selecting any one among them. Aside from materials and design, this flooring can be classified in accordance with AC rating types, surface types, and installation types.

  1. Surface type:

Flooring’s surface plays the vital role for the appearance. According to the surface, laminated flooring has numerous varieties:

Purely Embossed – This embossing is matched with the actual wooden grain and it provides the lamination an original look.

Textured or Embossed – You can put them as either or and in fact together. This is also a popular lamination style.

Hand scraped – Only in the hardwood material, this is possible. An ideal antique and classy look is this flooring’s specialty.

Smooth – This type comes with an ordinary design with a glossy finishing. You can select from the low, medium and high gloss.

  1. Installation type:

In accordance with the installation, laminated wooden flooring can be classified into 3 types:

Pre-glued – The flooring glue is already present in the material of this type. You need to require activating the glue before applying moisture.

Glued – This type is the most durable laminated flooring which glue requires of being applied for pasting in. However, the installation cost is higher actually.

Glueless click – Among all which involves lock and click facility, this is the easiest. Today, most of the lamination comes under this type.

Construction of laminated flooring:

Laminated flooring comprises of 4 layers. Every reputed professional manufacturer applies these 4 layers with perfection for making the flooring durable and charming simultaneously.

Wear layer – This is the topmost surface that is designed for absorbing the regular effects. This way, the lamination is made scratch-proof, wash friendly and user-friendly.

Decorative layer – Here the designs and the images are recreated for providing a natural look. In this layer, different materials, effects, and styles are available.

Core layer – The mixture of resins and HDF board are added for strength. This is impact resistant, stable and long durable.

Black layer – This is for extra stability and support. The moisture-resistant elements are added in it.

So, after having this discussion, you can understand how lamination is useful to give your home a classy and trendy look. Contact us today for a better interior decoration for your dream home.


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