How to Choose Laminate Flooring over Hardwood Flooring

Nowadays the householders have different options of wooden flooring for their homes. They can choose between solid hardwood flooring and laminate wooden flooring, thanks to the advancement in flooring technology. Both support well in active homes, with inclusion of those with pets and kids. Both can be cleaned easily with just occasional damp mopping and daily sweeping.

Laminate Flooring over Hardwood Flooring

Additionally, there are some differences also. You can use laminate flooring everywhere in your house whereas hardwood can’t be used for daily damp areas like basements and bathrooms. So, which floor will you choose for your home? You will get your answer in the pros and cons of the difference of hardwood flooring and laminate flooring. At the same time, it depends on your budget, lifestyle, longevity, performance and your expectations.

Laminate Flooring

Considering the prices, laminated board costs lesser than the hardwood boards. However the difference between these two types of flooring will help you make your buying decision quite easy. Just have a closer look to that:

  • Pets:

Keeping pets in home is a problem for flooring, particularly hardwood flooring. Although no flooring ensures warranty against damage caused by pets, the wear surface of laminate flooring is incredibly stained, moisture and scratch resistant that accommodate it better to householders with pets.

  • Sunlight, Staining and Fading:

Hardwood floors are natural products and thus are more affected to fading from sunlight, while laminate floors don’t fade from sunlight as they are UV protected. Walk off mats and area rugs may cause the discoloration of hardwood floors, as they are made with non-staining supports; however not with laminated flooring.

  • DIY flooring projects:

Laminate flooring is a better choice for the DIY flooring projects. This flooring provides tongue-and-groove and glueless locking system which makes easier to install by the novices. Hardwood flooring needs solid engineering tools and you can’t do it yourself if you are doing it without any expertise.

  • Cost:

In cost considerations, laminate flooring comes lesser expensive than the hardwood flooring.

  • Eco-friendly:

Laminate flooring features eco-friendliness, as real wood is not used in this flooring. Thus, if you want to save trees yet want wooden flooring, you can opt for laminate flooring. Hardwood flooring always require destruction of lots of trees, which is not a environment friendly thing.


If you get confused by reading above discussion about the difference between laminated wooden flooring and hardwood flooring, Action Tesa simply wants to suggest you to go with laminate flooring. This flooring style not only suits your lifestyle and budget, but also provides sustainability and helps you make an environmentally conscious choice easily.


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