How to Choose the Color of Laminated Flooring for Your Kitchen

A home’s heart is its kitchen. This is the place where cooking is done, the family gathers and the love for company and food is also shared. So, in this busy place, the floors should bear heavy foot traffic, dropped utensils and spills aplenty thus; it must be a room which is stylish, inviting and warm. And this definitely includes respectable floors of your kitchen.

Kitchen Laminated Flooring

Below are some things discussed which you need to consider while choosing color of laminate flooring for your kitchen:

Type of color for the laminated flooring:

Usually, people opt for a specific floor not just for every practical reason but because they prefer a particular color. When you are going to choose the floor’s color, you always must have it in mind the desired end result and impact of the other planned or existing color components on your kitchen’s interior. This combination’s result is more than the sum of the every component. The total space is provided a new identity, as it were. Every room is somehow different and needs a particular look, based on the desired end result. Therefore you should choose the best color.

Dark or Pale: Which color for the floor?

We already know that dark colors make a room look smaller, whereas light colors enlarge a room; nevertheless, the question is what the effect of the floor is.

  • Dark floors:

    Kitchen Flooring Dark Colors

Dark colors of laminated wooden flooring are the ideal initial stage for making contrasts. They can be combined brilliantly with the dividers in light colors or with some other dark colors that are used for embellishments and highlights. Avoid stony white and choose a shade of white, for instance, white with a dash of a substitute color or grayish. You can enliven things up by including colorful accessories in your interior. In fact, too much dark colors result in a gloomy effect with little light and a lack of appearance.

  • Pale colors:
    Kitchen Flooring Pale Colors

If you have a dark place which you require lighting up slightly, you need to pick a pale floor. Light is reflected by pale floors. This makes the room lighter and amplifies it ultimately. Virtue and serenity are also reflected by pale colors and the room is made ageless. Blended with cool wall colors, you can make a delicate effect.

Light wood floors and dark furniture is a good combination and make excellent effects. Besides, pale floors can be combined excellently with a blend of colors.

Making a huge impact:

Making a vast impact is possible by joining pale and calm floor with light dividers. Cooler and lighter colors make a room look larger. Warm and dark colors make a room cozier and smaller. The delicate colors of floors are perfect if you want to make your room look bigger.

Mixing the shades of the floor and the furniture:

Ensure your floor’s color is either lighter or darker than your furniture’s color. The color of wooden floor and furniture is only possible if you have a carpet in multiple contrasting colors between them.

On a neutral colored floor, combine your furniture made of really dark wood. On this floor, even light furniture also looks really attractive.

The mood a specific floor color creates:

  • Brown floors:
    Kitchen Flooring Brown Colors

Particularly for floors, brown color represents our relation with the earth. Compared to the walls, it should always stay in the background. Brown comprises of different colors and this implies it can be mixed with several other colors. This is not a dull color; it is suitable for different interiors and versatile, on the condition that ample light enters the room in.

Effect of light on the floors:

The source of light is an essential factor in the room; in dim lighting, colors make different feelings than the similar colors in artificial lighting or bright sunlight. Light is absorbed by dark colors whereas light is reflected by light colors.

So, this is a complete guide for you about the colors of laminated wooden flooring from Action Tesa before you start planning for renovation of your dream kitchen.


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